Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
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This class with Guy is a slow full-body flow class reinforcing and reflecting on your own yoga practice. A key practice in traditional yoga is to observe your own inner patterns so that you can leave behind unproductive conditioning, preferences and aversions. This practice involves a continuous gentle focus on your breathing throughout the class.

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 9 of Grounding and Strength 14-Day Beginner Yoga Challenge.

Self-Study Playlist (to be played with the class)

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Note: You will need a subscription for access to Apple Music, and for music to play ad-free on Spotify and YouTube Music. You will also need to adjust the volume to your preference.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga Therapy


sng4ever 7 hours ago

Another really nice practice with Guy.
Liked the awareness aspect he built in to the practice.

jenniferdstevens 1 week ago

I loved this class. It was a nice mix of strength-building and relaxation. Discovering Guy through the Grounding and Strength Challenge and really like his style and soothing voice.

golino 1 week ago

This suited me very well. Very nice way to start the day - thank you very much. Guy always makes a comment or two that make me smile. Added value!

EmBe 1 week ago

These outdoor practices are among my favorites because the setting is so peaceful with the sound of the waves. The paddle boarders in the background at the beginning helped set the mood as I started this practice. Last summer, I recorded the waves of a nearby lake because I find wave sounds so relaxing. Thanks for taking the time to film these outdoor practices.

Neita 1 week ago

Lovely !! Thank you. What a great way to start the day. I will return to this class regularly.

kapkap 1 week ago

Thanks, Guy! This class is amazing and I hope those who enjoyed the inner teacher series will find this class to add to their journey! Anna