Loving Yourself

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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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The spirit and joy that Tracey brings into this vinyasa flow class is contagious. She's a lovely teacher, offering beautiful, gentle guidance as she moves you into poses that open up the heart and help you embrace your own inner beauty.


This class is one of my
hkathryna 3 weeks ago

This class is one of my absolute favorites. So perfect when you might be feeling a little down on yourself. I love to do this class at least once a month to remind myself to be so grateful and loving towards this body of mine. And the best part is that I think this is a class that is accessible to most of us who practice yoga. Tracey does a wonderful job of pointing out variations for different poses. Love, love love.

feeling the love
garden 3 weeks ago

this is a beautiful, uplifting class that I come back to again and again

This class was perfect after
nkusakah 1 month ago

This class was perfect after a day of work. The flow is seamless and it really helped stretch out and open up my hips. I just wish the floor section was a bit longer – basically I just didn't want this class to end. I highly recommend.

Great class
Sylviaperezdelae 2 months ago

I doubt to do this class because I have a very busy day ahead - It seems I started the day with a right decision. Great class! thanks

This might sound odd, but
loveofjoe11 3 months ago

This might sound odd, but Tracy is too calming for me. The poses were great, the class was great, I just don't click with Tracy right now. Perhaps as I travel deeper in my yoga practice I'll find the sense of peace she has as she goes through a flow.

I may make this a daily
tyoung526 3 months ago

I may make this a daily morning practice. The gentleness and the message of self love is the perfect way to start any day. Thank you!!!! Namaste

soshedid86 3 months ago

This was one of the best practices I've had! Wonderful poses, perfect flow, both energetic and relaxing...loved it! ♡

A+ Teaching Style
katiebickell 3 months ago

Tracey, I felt connected to myself and grateful for the progress I have made, no matter how far I have yet to go on this journey. You are an amazing teacher, so sincere, warm and encouraging -easy to trust as a guide through this wonderful class. I will make my way through all your videos now. I had never seen some of the poses featured in this video before. Thanks for being you and putting yourself out there to better our lives.

So many beautiful poses in
Paulette9 3 months ago

So many beautiful poses in just 30 minutes! Thank you Tracey-you are wonderful!

StephZ 4 months ago

What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you, Tracey!