Loving Yourself

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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The spirit and joy that Tracey brings into this vinyasa flow class is contagious. She's a lovely teacher, offering beautiful, gentle guidance as she moves you into poses that open up the heart and help you embrace your own inner beauty.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


tzk12 1 week ago

That was soooo beautiful...feeling relaxed and loved!!

Loved this so much!!!!!Thank
LeonaS 1 week ago

Loved this so much!!!!!

This was a very refreshing
DeWaat 2 weeks ago

This was a very refreshing and inspiring practice. I feel open and calm. Thank you for sharing, Tracy

so beautiful!
ag329 1 month ago

Thank you, Tracey for this lovely practice. :D ahhh...

Thank you for this
Masmavi 2 months ago

Beautiful. Just what I needed. And the 7 seconds at the end? Worth all the effort and depth of the practice.

Always so great!
Kimby 5 months ago

Your classes are always perfect. thank you.

Lovely Self Love!
katielee23 6 months ago

Thank you, Tracey, that was just gorgeous. I feel awake and energised, and REALLY good about myself.
It was also the perfect morning after remedy for unwinding after Scottish country dancing! :-)
Now for someone else to hug...!

I feel great
barile288 8 months ago

I found this class through a 30 day challenge. I am loving this challenge because I am doing classes I probably would have skipped over. I'm so happy I found this class and Tracy. Ending this class with a smile on my face, I feel wonderful.

Tracey, you're my favorite!
jsevelius 9 months ago

Keep making videos, please! I find myself coming back to them time and again. Thank you!

Sweet self love.
PeacefulRN 10 months ago

A sweet, short practice with juicy hip openers. A nice opportunity to stop, pause, and show myself some unconditional love. Thank you, Tracey!