Loving Yourself

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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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The spirit and joy that Tracey brings into this vinyasa flow class is contagious. She's a lovely teacher, offering beautiful, gentle guidance as she moves you into poses that open up the heart and help you embrace your own inner beauty.


I feel great
barile288 2 weeks ago

I found this class through a 30 day challenge. I am loving this challenge because I am doing classes I probably would have skipped over. I'm so happy I found this class and Tracy. Ending this class with a smile on my face, I feel wonderful.

Tracey, you're my favorite!
jsevelius 1 month ago

Keep making videos, please! I find myself coming back to them time and again. Thank you!

Sweet self love.
PeacefulRN 1 month ago

A sweet, short practice with juicy hip openers. A nice opportunity to stop, pause, and show myself some unconditional love. Thank you, Tracey!

This class is one of my
hkathryna 2 months ago

This class is one of my absolute favorites. So perfect when you might be feeling a little down on yourself. I love to do this class at least once a month to remind myself to be so grateful and loving towards this body of mine. And the best part is that I think this is a class that is accessible to most of us who practice yoga. Tracey does a wonderful job of pointing out variations for different poses. Love, love love.

feeling the love
garden 2 months ago

this is a beautiful, uplifting class that I come back to again and again

This class was perfect after
nkusakah 3 months ago

This class was perfect after a day of work. The flow is seamless and it really helped stretch out and open up my hips. I just wish the floor section was a bit longer – basically I just didn't want this class to end. I highly recommend.

Great class
Sylviaperezdelae 4 months ago

I doubt to do this class because I have a very busy day ahead - It seems I started the day with a right decision. Great class! thanks

This might sound odd, but
loveofjoe11 5 months ago

This might sound odd, but Tracy is too calming for me. The poses were great, the class was great, I just don't click with Tracy right now. Perhaps as I travel deeper in my yoga practice I'll find the sense of peace she has as she goes through a flow.

I may make this a daily
tyoung526 5 months ago

I may make this a daily morning practice. The gentleness and the message of self love is the perfect way to start any day. Thank you!!!! Namaste

soshedid86 5 months ago

This was one of the best practices I've had! Wonderful poses, perfect flow, both energetic and relaxing...loved it! ♡