Loving Yourself

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

The spirit and joy that Tracey brings into this vinyasa flow class is contagious. She's a lovely teacher, offering beautiful, gentle guidance as she moves you into poses that open up the heart and help you embrace your own inner beauty.


StephZ 3 weeks ago

What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you, Tracey!

Thank you Tracey for this
Merxi 2 months ago

Thank you Tracey for this amazing class. It's been a gift for my mind, body and soul, right what I needed. So often we forget to take care of ourselves in such a loving way. Thank you!

Loving and challenging myself
jennMann1 2 months ago

T hank you Tracy for being my first intermediate class! The moves were graceful and strong and a few were new to me. I really enjoyed moving my body through them. I will definitely bookmark your class.

jean_adelene 2 months ago

Tracey - I just did this video after a challenging day. I love your teaching style and feel 1000x better than before I started. Thanks for sharing these videos for us - I'm a medical student in Australia and they have really helped me deal with study stress this year. Jean xx

I needed this
juliacowenhoven 7 months ago

I love Tracey so much. This class made my whole week better. Do yourself a favor and take these 30 minutes for yourself. Namaste <3

Amazing feelings
Elsa Avila 7 months ago

At the end if I could hug Tracey I would do it . I am very glad for all the moments she shares with us. THANK YOU, NAMASTE!

eruvande 8 months ago

I've done this one any number of times, and I always love it, but it actually had me crying at the end today. Sometimes Tracey is exactly what you need.

Great class
cirvine06 8 months ago

I have this video bookmarked and now I remember why! A bit of strength, such a great stretch, and a focus on breathing. Made me smile, too!