Kundalini Yoga to Recharge and Master Your Domain

Dawn Rabey
Instructor Dawn Rabey
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Join Dawn on a serene, west coast beach as she calmly guides you through an invigorating practice that is sure to leave you feeling totally recharged and empowered.

Equipment: None
Style: Kundalini Yoga


Samalamadingdong 9 months ago

thank you very for the practice. It is lovely and helpful.
Also....that tree in the video! Holy Canoli! beautiful spot

AceLDN 2 years ago

Dawn, this is surely one of my all time favourite Kundalini classes. Hopefully you will share many more with us in the near future. Sat nam.

bevjenn 3 years ago

As my 60th Birthday present to myself i am really embracing and learning Yoga as i've only done a little Hatha before, Kundalini yoga keeps drawing me to it having tried the chakra classes and loved them i tried this class and WOW i was left feeling so peaceful and energized at the same time thank you Dawn.

KCinNC 3 years ago

I have practiced yoga for years but have only started doing Kundalini recently. I am 4-months sober and not only has Kundalini become an integral piece of my recovery from addiction, but I also foresee it becoming my life practice. Please keep making these wonderful videos and sharing your lovely, gentle energy. Thank you Dawn!

anap 3 years ago

I have been a regular practitioner of Hatha yoga for a few years now and had not been particularly attracted to Kundalini, until just recently. I saw these videos and was absolutely taken in by them. I am really enjoying your Kundalini classes and I love the way you teach Dawn. Thank you so much for making this accessible to all. I hope you will consider adding more ! :-)

BridgetM 3 years ago

Thank you so much for this practice. I've recently started exploring Kundalini yoga and am so happy to have these videos on the site!

anshiemouna 5 years ago

I was feeling quite uneasy today so I thought practicing Kundalini yoga would be of great help, and it was!
Thank you for a beautiful and peaceful session.

The final mantra was very reassuring and empowering.

I feel much better!

Sat Nam

Sari 5 years ago

This was wonderful, Dawn. Thank you. I wasn't able to make it to a Kundalini class I had scheduled today, so I thought I would check out what I could find on DoYogaWIthMe. I am so happy I found you! The sound of the ocean waves in combination with your beautiful class was just what I needed.

Sat Nam


samthurmond 5 years ago

Thank you thank you th-th-thank you! Kundalini is new to me and your videos have helped in understanding and awakening it so much. I was tingling with energy both peripherally and mentally. Love and light! and another last thank you coming from down south in atlanta:) your videos are much appreciated.
Hehe I'd never complain about more of them either