Kundalini Yoga to Recharge and Master Your Domain

Dawn Rabey
Instructor Dawn Rabey
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Join Dawn on a serene, west coast beach as she calmly guides you through an invigorating practice that is sure to leave you feeling totally recharged and empowered.

Equipment: None
Style: Kundalini Yoga


Egpilon 8 months ago

I am so thankful for this class and the gift that it is.

Egpilon 12 months ago

Thank you for this class and your kind and loving and clear approach, Dawn. Thank you, DYWM, for this place and for supporting me in making a healthier choice for my well being today.

ejanedelong 1 year ago

I was stressed and exhausted when I began this class and it was just what I needed. Esp the opening pranayams to strengthen the nervous system. I left feeling stronger and more able to master my domain. Yesterday I completed a challenging hike and I kept thinking of this class when I wanted to give up and turn back. I love when the yoga works both on and off the mat!

Samalamadingdong 1 year ago

thank you very for the practice. It is lovely and helpful.
Also....that tree in the video! Holy Canoli! beautiful spot

AceLDN 3 years ago

Dawn, this is surely one of my all time favourite Kundalini classes. Hopefully you will share many more with us in the near future. Sat nam.

bevjenn 4 years ago

As my 60th Birthday present to myself i am really embracing and learning Yoga as i've only done a little Hatha before, Kundalini yoga keeps drawing me to it having tried the chakra classes and loved them i tried this class and WOW i was left feeling so peaceful and energized at the same time thank you Dawn.

KCinNC 4 years ago

I have practiced yoga for years but have only started doing Kundalini recently. I am 4-months sober and not only has Kundalini become an integral piece of my recovery from addiction, but I also foresee it becoming my life practice. Please keep making these wonderful videos and sharing your lovely, gentle energy. Thank you Dawn!

anap 4 years ago

I have been a regular practitioner of Hatha yoga for a few years now and had not been particularly attracted to Kundalini, until just recently. I saw these videos and was absolutely taken in by them. I am really enjoying your Kundalini classes and I love the way you teach Dawn. Thank you so much for making this accessible to all. I hope you will consider adding more ! :-)

BridgetM 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this practice. I've recently started exploring Kundalini yoga and am so happy to have these videos on the site!