How to Strengthen Your Joints Safely

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This yoga for seniors class is ideal for the older yogi who wants to maintain or improve their joint strength and flexibility. It's gentle, but provides enough challenge that your body will feel like it's doing some work, benefiting you, your muscles and your bones! If you're 55+ or looking for a gentle class to keep your joints healthy, give this class a try.

Equipment: Chair
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Back Care


Filled with gratitude for
penelope612 4 months ago

Filled with gratitude for these specially designed classes to ease my way back to flexibility and strength. Thank you David for clearly teaching each progression.

Very enjoyable. ...
1maryebinger 4 months ago

Very enjoyable. Focusing on form feels so good.

These stretches felt ...
duhsala 4 months ago

These stretches felt so good! After a long day, I'm grateful for this yoga practice that eases away the tensions in my body.

This felt great, ...
Maralepp 4 months ago

This felt great, but wasn’t super challenging for me.

This felt great, ...
Maralepp 4 months ago

This felt great, but wasn’t super challenging for me.

as with many ...
tomaswann 4 months ago

as with many things in my life right now, I am having a hard time staying with a session each day. But when I get to it, it is encouraging and making more aware of the body. that is one of my goals. I am trying to do 2 seasons on my more focused days to catch up.

This class was ...
ginny1 4 months ago

This class was difficult for me because of have osteoarthritis. I did the best I could. Still enjoyed it. Thank you

Really enjoying this ...
Daspell 4 months ago

Really enjoying this challenge, this video was much more challenging than it looked, but very good I think these are nice short videos I will be repeating many times

You get five ...
agilpwd 4 months ago

You get five stars, I only get 3 1/2 or 4. Creaky knees for this one, but I'm sure good for me.