Hip-notic: Preparation for Yoga Nidrasana

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Michelle takes you through a 75-minute class that moves gradually and intelligently into deeper and deeper poses, eventually completing the class with yoga nidrasana, or yogic sleeping pose. She has an incredible attention to detail and awareness of body alignment so each pose is done safely and effectively.


This class is a challenge as
candicela 9 months ago

This class is a challenge as I have very tight hips, but I feel incredible relief with the poses and gain deeper stretches due to the on-point anatomic instruction/cues. I love the total focus on the hips and holding the poses longer. Wonderful class!

Ready for Sleep
mrswright2015 10 months ago

Beyond the constant chatter, which may or may not have caused me to yell at the video when we got to corpse pose, I really, really enjoyed this sequence of poses. It left my body feeling very open and ready for a good sleep. Thank you Michelle and team.

A bit too much talking
framela 7 months ago

I am seconding this comment about the chatter. I would have like more silence. The series was very nice, but difficult to really get into and let my mind clear.

Amazing instruction
LucyHB 1 year ago

What a fantastic class - a complete change of pace from the fast flows I normally do, but it's far from easy - the long holds are challenging, but the perfectly clear instructions helped me move deeper into poses than I ever have before. My hips and legs feel wonderfully stretched. Many thanks!

Amazing class
nadturg 2 years ago

Great class, great progression and explanations, the pace was perfect to really connect to oneself. Thank you!

Holy hips! Thanks for this
samthurmond 2 years ago

Holy hips! Thanks for this pattern.
I felt great during and immediately after.
Just now, one day after, my hips are open like revolving doors!
haha thank you

Great practice!
Sethster 2 years ago

Was able to get into a few poses I had not been able to do yet, thanks so much for explaining how to get into them so adequately!

This class is exceptional. It
dorianm 2 years ago

This class is exceptional. It is well-paced, impeccably guided and sequenced intelligently to allow for yoga nidrasana as the peak posture. Very nice!

Great slow class
launonenanna 3 years ago

This was a perfect class for a hot (30+ celcius) day's evening: no vinyasa and long holds was just right for opening the body and focusing the mind without creating too much heat. Thank you.

HoneySquirrels 3 years ago

Thank you so much. This class gave me the best deep hip opening I have experienced in years, I have been searching for something exactly this style, and the long poses feel great and seem as though there is enough time to make actual progress. Thank you for tirelessly detailing proper pose techniques and giving advice on how to deepen and advance the postures. I have been taking yoga classes once or twice a week for a few years now, but never any advanced classes and I feel like I have not been challenged much at all.

I wasn't able to get my legs behind my head this time, but I came astonishingly close, much closer than I thought I'd be able to do! I am extremely excited to see what regular practice will do for my flexibility.

Infinite many thanks to you for creating this video, I am deeply grateful! I sobbed openly during savasana, it was such a deep release (glad I was in my living room). I did it right before bed and had an extremely comfortable deep sleep, when normally my legs and hips and lower back feel very tight and sometimes restless.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!