Hip-notic: Preparation for Yoga Nidrasana

Michelle Rubin
Instructor Michelle Rubin
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Michelle takes you through a 75-minute class that moves gradually and intelligently into deeper and deeper poses, eventually completing the class with yoga nidrasana, or yogic sleeping pose. She has an incredible attention to detail and awareness of body alignment so each pose is done safely and effectively.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


Melanie Lichtinger 11 months ago

Beautiful loooong hip openers, and very clear detailed instructions - feeling regenerated and open. Thank you, Michele!

AJVane 11 months ago

I dunno, I thought her commentary and reminders about alignment were useful. It's easy to unintentionally "cheat" in poses like these , sacrificing long-term strength, flexibility and form for what looks like short-term gain. Without clear instructions, people going from intermediate to advanced might get stuck wondering why the more challenging poses are inaccessible or why their joints bother them. I've been practicing for a decade and still have to remind myself sometimes to stay aligned properly rather than "cheat" my way into poses.

bloom yoga 1 year ago

Have to agree with the constant chatter (incessant really), particularly in a long class with long holds, there was little opportunity to revel in the poses in silence.

Otherwise a great hip class.

Helenita 2 years ago

Such an amazing practice to open the hips and low back. Michelle guides in a very detailed and thorough manner, always making sure we take care of our joints. Loved it and will repeat for sure!

freshang23 2 years ago

Hello hips. If they need some love- do this class. Lots of talking, but much of her instruction felt helpful. I’m not sure how this classs popped up at the top of my home screen, but I am so glad it did. This peak pose feels like it might take me one million millimeter miracles to obtain, but nevertheless she persisted.

Irishlove 2 years ago

I LOVED this focused class. There is a wealth of alignment tips (so essential when you practice on your own) and deep openings. It's definitely advanced. Listening to multiple alignment cues when you are less than advanced can be frustrating and distracting; I found it extremely helpful. This is a great "day off" practice and focuses on specific areas. I was able to do everything, including Yogi Nidra on the right side, but my left side said "NO!" I am going to bookmark this page and come back to measure my progress in the future. I would really love to see more lengthy, focused classes like this one. Namaste from Ireland.

candicela 3 years ago

This class is a challenge as I have very tight hips, but I feel incredible relief with the poses and gain deeper stretches due to the on-point anatomic instruction/cues. I love the total focus on the hips and holding the poses longer. Wonderful class!

mrswright2015 3 years ago

Beyond the constant chatter, which may or may not have caused me to yell at the video when we got to corpse pose, I really, really enjoyed this sequence of poses. It left my body feeling very open and ready for a good sleep. Thank you Michelle and team.

framela 3 years ago

I am seconding this comment about the chatter. I would have like more silence. The series was very nice, but difficult to really get into and let my mind clear.

LucyHB 4 years ago

What a fantastic class - a complete change of pace from the fast flows I normally do, but it's far from easy - the long holds are challenging, but the perfectly clear instructions helped me move deeper into poses than I ever have before. My hips and legs feel wonderfully stretched. Many thanks!