Hatha Yoga For A Hangover

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel has some fun with this class as she takes her humor and knowledge of yoga and applies it to everything you might be feeling if after a late night full of fun and beverages. Even if you're feeling nauseous and have a splitting head ache, you can still benefit from this lovely, gentle hatha yoga class. Have a full bottle of water ready, roll out your mat and let Rachel take over!

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


YorkshireGirl 2 weeks ago

The title got me curious though it’s a little misleading - this is a really good, quick, all over stretch, great after cycling everyday and overdoing it a bit with my hip replacement. Thank you Rachel and the DYWM crew.

uberyha 1 month ago

Very good class. I thought it would be good for the first day of a cleanse and I was right!
Wanted it to go on for longer! Maybe I’ll watch it twice in a row.
Thank you!

MJC 4 months ago

Great soft flow to do if you need to help yourself recover from over training. Highly recommend!

Deborah Lilly 6 months ago

Good one, Rachel. No hangover but tired from physical day and needed something gentle yet thorough. Feeling good now. cheers.

bonnie.e.cox 7 months ago

I was looking for an evening class to do after a long day of traveling and Holiday party and this was perfect. My body feels supple and relaxed, ready for bead. The built in water breaks are nice too.

LauraC92 1 year ago

This was the perfect class to get back into my practice after two weeks with the flu! Thank you, Rachel!

tarynchess 1 year ago

After having been in bed with the flu for three days, this class was a lovely way for me to feel like I'm coming back in to myself. Pacing was nice and gentle and I got to work out all those achy kinks in my joints.

Cari_Yogi 2 years ago

I love Rachel's classes! This class was just what I needed after a fun night with lots of wine. No longer feeling like a zombie thanks to gentle stretches, soothing flows and A cool glass of water with some cucumber slices . Thanks Rachel! I feel all shiny and new now :)

bhagen 2 years ago

This is a perfect post-party night practice! If you're feeling sluggish (and perhaps a little self-loathing), Rachel will help "bring you back to the land of the living" with this gentle but energizing sequence. Thank you for acknowledging in a non-judgemental way that even health nuts sometimes over-imbibe. :P

PeacefulRN 2 years ago

I'm not hungover, but I AM nursing a sore foot and wanted a gentle practice without upward dog/chaturanga/planks or other toe-stressing poses. This class is a lovely, gentle stretch to get the juices flowing and get the kinks out. I really enjoy Rachel's pacing, delivery, and sly sense of humor. Very happy to find this class today - thank you, Rachel!