Hatha Yoga For A Hangover

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel has some fun with this class as she takes her humor and knowledge of yoga and applies it to everything you might be feeling if after a late night full of fun and beverages. Even if you're feeling nauseous and have a splitting head ache, you can still benefit from this lovely, gentle hatha yoga class. Have a full bottle of water ready, roll out your mat and let Rachel take over!

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


Not just for hangovers!
Mauigirl 1 year ago

I’m getting over the flu and wanted to get my body moving again. This class was a gentle, relaxing way to get my blood flowing!

Hchagmark 1 year ago

Haven't tried this yet but I like your approach. Being a yogi doesn't necessarily mean you only eat vegan raw food and drink purified herbal teas, I most certainly will give this class a go - and might not even wait until I have a hangover. :)