Hatha Yoga for Grounding

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Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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Class Description: 
(Note: to go to our 30-Day Yoga Challenge, click here). Through deep breathing, gentle hatha and relaxation, Melissa guides you through a slow hatha yoga class that feels so good for the soul. Her careful approach and clear cues allow you to sink into the class without worrying too much about doing it perfectly.


This was good!
kalpana16 2 days ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace. I also feel mentally very calm compared to the beginning of the video.

Balanced/Peaceful Flow
Yogandar 6 days ago

Thank you so much - grounded, calm and at peace from this perfect flow.

I have come back to Yoga
Glynis Redford 1 week ago

I have come back to Yoga today after a real lapse in motivation etc etc. Wow - what a way to start, as I love Melissa's classes and will be doing the 30 day Challenege - AT LEAST! Thankyou so much Melissa.xx

i loved this! this is my
mkzs23 2 weeks ago

i loved this! this is my first class from this website and my first online yoga class ever and it was great! truly quality presentation and yogi instructor

Bill777 2 weeks ago

Great practice! Very relaxing. I was on the verge of falling asleep at the end. Could feel a LOT of tension in my shoulders and hips releasing. :-)

Relaxing Stretches
BJJ 2 weeks ago

Finished the intermediate challenge and decided to to the beginner. I enjoyed the slow pace, long stretches and deep breathing. exactly what I needed to release some tension in my hips and back. Thank you!

Day 1 30 day challenge.
Vikki 2 weeks ago

A wonderful and relaxing way to start the 30 day challenge. I really enjoy Melissa' s classes.

Thank you. I just started my
vshylaja 3 weeks ago

Thank you. I just started my first day today (2/28/17) and I am liking it.

Very good!
oaklad 3 weeks ago

I did this one yesterday and really enjoyed it. At the time I felt it was a bit too relaxing to be beneficial but today I realized I was wrong. I could feel it all over where I had exercised my muscles - not painful or sore but I felt it, and that means I worked it, so that means this was indeed much more beneficial than I realized yesterday! Now on to day 2!

Great meditation exercise
messycook10810 4 weeks ago

I agree with other commenters that this is very slow, but it is challenging mental workout trying to not let the mind wander to far.