Hatha Yoga for Grounding

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Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Through deep breathing, gentle hatha and relaxation, Melissa guides you through a slow hatha yoga class that feels so good for the soul. Her careful approach and clear cues allow you to sink into the class without worrying too much about doing it perfectly.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


A class that was gentle
Rakti Devi 4 months ago

A class that was gentle,nurturing and loving to my body and myself.
I felt emotional at times and very heart centered.
Such a lovely change to a more challenging class.

deborahjane 5 months ago

Thank you Melissa for this beautiful, slow, meditative class. Just what I needed today! Namaste.

Just What I Needed!
adalexander 5 months ago

Wonderful session, and really, just what I needed to get me started again. Thanks so much for your calm and clear instruction.

First time
kitty-kat 6 months ago

This was my first time and I enjoyed it. I feel that I'm a little more grounded. I like the music and the flow. Thank you:)

30 day challenge Day 1
Valina 9 months ago

Perfect! Love your voice and the way you explain. Thanks so much

NatBye 9 months ago

This was perfect 1st class as I return to yoga after a few years absence, broken limbs, surgery, a very stressful job & a remote location where I can't access classes in person. Thank you Melissa!!

Day 1 and cannot wait for Day 2
iowabeefqueen 9 months ago

Just really happy with how Melissa instructed this class...calmness was the result. Thank you for your gift, Melissa.

Beautiful start to my day
hdryman1003 9 months ago

I felt a whole new level of calmness after this practice. The constant reminder to find my breath really helped me focus and release some contained stress that I needed to let go. I slowly felt a lot of tension that I was holding in my hips go as well. Namaste.

30 day challenge
Maralepp 10 months ago

This was perfect. I didn't even know that I needed this class, but I did. Namaste