Hatha Yoga for Grounding

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Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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Class Description: 
(Note: to go to our 30-Day Yoga Challenge, click here). Through deep breathing, gentle hatha and relaxation, Melissa guides you through a slow hatha yoga class that feels so good for the soul. Her careful approach and clear cues allow you to sink into the class without worrying too much about doing it perfectly.


Just what I needed
Tanja Andrea 1 week ago

Had a busy day which left me slightly nervous and irritated. This class was just perfect for me to calm down and be able to enjoy the rest of the day.

Thank you
thoakun 1 week ago

Painfully slow with too much lying on the floor, which can't be good for metabolism. This class is ideal for those out of shape.

Yvonnefifo 1 month ago

Nine weeks ago I had major surgery on my neck - both posterior and anterior. Now I have a bunch of hardware in my neck. I'm a yoga instructor so doing this 30 day beginners challenge will bring new insight and understanding into my own teaching. The class was great and I'm excited for the 30 days. I suspect it will kick my healing in a few notches! Thank you!

Great start to challenge
juratele 2 months ago

What a perfect start to challenge! Gave me a great relaxation. Thank you!

Good start for 30 Day Challenge
Odo Mo-Mackle 2 months ago

Great start to the challenge and good de-stressor after work. Only critique/ suggestion is to perhaps shorten the breathing portion in the beginning. I was quite bored and I know it's a time of release but either shorten it or add another breathing excercise so I'm not left wondering what's next or even if the video stopped! Thanks

What a beautiful practice.
clafond 2 months ago

What a beautiful practice. Namaste.

I liked the inclusion of the
floro 3 months ago

I liked the inclusion of the alternate nostril breathing...I was surprised to find that breathing through my left nostril was quite constricted, while breathing through the right was free and easy. Will have to do this exercise more often to clear it up, and am interested to find out why the nostrils are sometimes blocked...

A wonderful way to get back
Bluekitten 3 months ago

A wonderful way to get back to yoga.

Great start to the 30 day Challenge!
danleesmith 3 months ago

Thank you so much. This was a truly wonderful way to star the 30 challenge.