A Full-Body Slow Beginner Flow

A Full-Body Slow Beginner Flow

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Instructor Sarah Holmes de Castro
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This slow-paced hatha yoga class takes you through a full range of poses, lying on our back and front, seated and standing, and works on flexibility, balance and strength. Sarah teaches at a gentle pace, paying close attention to details and offering a choice of movements to help you find what will work with your body today. This is a slightly more challenging beginner class than Sarah's previous ones on this site.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress, Yoga for Back Care


Possibly me favorite ...
Sharyl M 59 minutes ago

Possibly me favorite so far.....

Can do it with your eyes closed.
Sebastiantanner94 13 hours ago

I loved the mood of this practice. It was very soft and the use of suggestion for poses instead of demanding was a nice subtlety (though not a necessity in yoga, I feel). l literally did this whole thing with my eyes clothes which says fantastic and says a lot about the instruction. Thank you, Sarah.

I found this ...
byootie 20 hours ago

I found this class much more relaxing than I expected and I liked that there were many options with each pose.

Excellent full body ...
JHNabors 1 day ago

Excellent full body gentle flow

This was so ...
Jane Johnson 1 day ago

This was so delightful for me. During the practice it felt right to bend my knees when face down on the mat (I know it wasn't one of the instructions in this sequence) and I was amazed to discover that I could hold my ankles and stretch the front of my thighs -- I've never even been able to touch my toes in that position!

The movements and ...
turnersusmc 1 day ago

The movements and flow were nice but the constant “maybe, if, possibly, could” commentary wasn’t appealing to me.

Nice simple class, ...
carolinew 1 day ago

Nice simple class, good for the end of a busy day. Thanks.

This class was ...
SarahViolet 1 day ago

This class was a delight! My body was blissed out by the end. Thank you!

This is as ...
kitty-kat 2 days ago

This is as nice class but sadly I can't finish the class today. I h as very been having issues breathing with the weather changes in my area. I will try this class again. Thank you Sarah.