Flying Pigeon Pose: The Final Step

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This is the 3rd class in a series that began with Flying Pigeon Pose: Preparation, and moved you through Flying Pigeon Pose: Going Deeper. This class takes you in and out of full flying pigeon pose or eka pada galavasana. Tracey's smile and infectious energy help you make your way through this vigorous power yoga flow and into one of the more challenging arm balances, requiring significant hip and back flexibility as well as core strength. Have fun getting to the peak pose!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


duroc017 3 weeks ago

This is a nice conclusion to the three part series. I just wish it was a little longer, because it felt a little rushed at times. I wished I would have had more time to get centered in the standing balances, and maybe more core prep before going into the peak pose.

welldongirl 1 year ago

Got up enough confidence to fall on my face today. Was so close and I'm sure next time will be my time! Thanks Tracey.

LucyHB 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this, Tracey - this pose has been my nemesis for literally years, but I finally have lift off! Can only do it on the left side as I have a right knee injury, and I still can't quite shoot my leg back, but I was up and balancing :-) Will keep coming back to this (and the prep classes). As always Tracey teaches wonderfully, I love all her classes :-)

KiroChappy 1 year ago

I was so happy to come back to DYWM after a two week hiatus (travel and illness) to find some new classes from Tracey. I really enjoyed this class. It provided the right amount of all over body opening and strengthening, plus the pinnacle pose. While I always enjoy the longer classes when I have time, sometimes just under 30 is all I can squeeze in. This was perfect.

kathrynbirkholm 1 year ago

Just did the last two in this series. The first one two days ago. Thank you so deeply. Your calm, percision, ease and wisdom shine such a bright light into these dark, wet Danish winter days. Don't ever doubt that you are one who is shifting the tide. Thank you. I love you.

nannciem 1 year ago

Even if I did the most graceless flying pigeon, I did it anyway! Thank you Tracey for these classes! I'll do them again in order to eventually do the most beautiful and graceful flying pigeon (as you do!).