Flying Pigeon Pose: Going Deeper


Great class - even if you're not heading towards flying pigeon!
PeacefulRN 4 months ago

Juicy, feel-good stretches for hips and shoulders; lovely pace which flows along while still allowing time to sense each pose. Thanks, Tracey!

Beautiful class
alenanton 5 months ago

I love all of Tracey's classes and this one did not disappoint, certainly one to come back to time and again.

Wow I loved this! So awesome
ddechter 9 months ago

Wow I loved this! So awesome for hips and flows so well. Great workout!

Tracey is a beautiful artist!
KML 10 months ago

Thank you for sharing this class, it was fantastic:)

Happy Hips
LaurieL 11 months ago

I feel wonderful and full of energy! Tracey is always

What a wonderful class!!
Paulette9 1 year ago

This class moved with such ease and I felt so wonderful afterward. I have been doing yoga for 18 years and this is the first time that I have ever moved so deeply into pigeon pose. I also enjoyed all of your comments about life! Thank you Tracey!! You are wonderful!

Tracey's classes are step by step
Elsa Avila 1 year ago

Tracey's pace is what I needed after some days of illness recovery...She is taking us with love, gently and step by step into the pose; at the same time she makes us wonder about the unique opportunity that we have in the present moment. I finished the class full of love. Thanks Tracey and DYWM