Feel the Love

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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Class Description: 

In this gentle, intermediate flow yoga class, Tracey helps you feel the love within by moving you though 'heart-opening' poses and reminding you what it means to live with love. Her precise guidance and positive energy make this class a joy to do. The gorgeous beach setting and sound of the ocean waves are icing on the cake.


Thank you
Nora BM 4 months ago

Thank you Tracey for a wonderful class. I really appreciate how you manage to balance physical challenges with mental presence.

Powerful, lovely practice
strongweiqi 4 months ago

Hi Tracey, I wanted to write a quick note of gratitude to you and to the DYWM Teaching Staff. Your passion in cultivating love all around you was strongly felt in my practice. I place an intention in my daily life to be more loving and compassionate but there are days like today when it is challenging. Your theme however reminded me again that it is truly easy to find love within us and share it with others if we look and listen carefully enough. Namaste and with big warm love and hugs your way and to the world.
-M. Bell

Thank you!
jsantoni 4 months ago

This class was just what I needed today after too many feelings of questioning and judgement. I am feeling open and relaxed. Thank you for a wonderful flow with an even better intent.

Wonderful class - left me
sophiebradshaw 7 months ago

Wonderful class - left me feeling relaxed and revived. Thank you!

Another great class - just
Jane53 7 months ago

Another great class - just the right challenge and still with Tracey's attention to the mind as well as the body.

Tracey's become one of my
Mitch Harvey 9 months ago

Tracey's become one of my favourite teachers on the site, having never taken one of her classes before the challenge. Thank you so much!

Many of the poses helped
cirvine06 10 months ago

Many of the poses helped stretch my body while others were great for strength and balance. I also liked that wheel pose was incorporated towards the end of the practice. Nice class to do after having a tough workout the day before.

mrswright2015 10 months ago

Having now done almost all of Tracey's practices about love on this site, I can certainly say that I feel the change in my body, my mind, and my spirit in how I live in a crazy world. More importantly, I feel like I do love myself more. Thank you Tracey!

The versus Your
Kviau 10 months ago

While the scene is peaceful and Tracy seems like a wonderful instructor, I could not get past the disconnected feeling of her use of "the" instead of "your" to refer to body parts. The fingertips and the toes does not connect me like using your fingertips and your toes.