Establishing Core Strength I

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Class Description: 
David takes you through a flow that helps you understand the fundamentals of a strong, supportive core connection, while working on strengthening the muscles involved in core strength. This class continues from the 8-Step Series on Core Activation from our Yoga Tutorials page, beginning with how to properly engage the pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, obliques and lower back muscles, then adding the upper body and lower body stabilizers to help us move with strength. The next step after this class is Establishing Core Strength II


Great Class
abeck_d 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this class. I have been trying to recover from a lingering hip injury from overuse through running. During the modified boat pose, my right leg has no problem elevating, but my left leg begins to shake and I cant hardly mobilize it upwards. Which muscle does this exercise train? Are there other workouts for this particular muscle? Thank you!

Perfect for return to mat after illness
Rbreid73 4 months ago

I've been out of action this past two weeks due to illness, so this was just what I needed to restart my practice. David has a way of teaching that provides the right pace to really understand how the body needs to be positioned when preparing to go into poses and how to maintain that alignment through the pose. In this class, it comes through in a short but intense 30 minute core strength class

So beneficial!
Jacqueline01 4 months ago

Thank you David for another lovely and serene class. Wow, this was so challenging. I thought I was so limber and strong (oh such pride). I feel humbled and vow to repeat this class many times. A wonderful challenge to stay mindful during the more difficult segments.

it doesn't work
mollybmoon 6 months ago

This class won't stay on! It keeps pausing. Is there a reason for that?

Pausing video
David Procyshyn 6 months ago

That can happen occasionally. Switching your browser fixes the issue 99% of the time. You can also pause the video at the beginning to allow it to load before you play it through to the end.

Thank you David! Excellent
Dilly2334 6 months ago

Thank you David! Excellent explanation of core and muscles involved. Awesome class :)

Loved this simple core and
Margarete 7 months ago

Loved this simple core and back class. Much needed feel te difference already. thank you!!!

Great Video, missing cut?
SMK 7 months ago

Thanks for the video, I'm quite enjoying the whole core activation series. I think there's a section around the 8:30 mark that you meant to cut. It doesn't really detract from the content too much, it just looks a little awkward. Otherwise, fantastic work.

This class was a pleasant
Sea2Sea 7 months ago

This class was a pleasant surprise for me. It revealed some areas that I definitely need to work on in both strength and flexibility. Thank you very much and I look forward to completely the rest in this series!