The Elements Day 4

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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In this challenging intermediate class, Crista introduces you to two complimentary mudras: kali mudra to help you develop a healthy ego and sense of self, and chin mudra to help you connect ego to a higher consciousness. This fire-themed class can either be done as a stand-alone class or as part of Crista's 14-day challenge: The Elements.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Cattails 3 months ago

Another perfect class. Thank you, Christa. Namaste

sng4ever 4 months ago

Definitely more advanced however intermediates at all levels can benefit from this "full of expression" practice.

It has a lot of elements to it - poses - that you may or may not have had the pleasure to do often.

I loved this practice and Crista.

ama1031 4 months ago

Loved the breathing on this!~ This challenge is a "challenge' for me, but each class, I am more open to trying a new pose. Thank you Christa for the light you bring into the day.

tamiserene 5 months ago

I just love that i always learn new poses and interesting ways to transition. thanks so much crista, i am so happy to be doing this program

Lynwpetty 5 months ago

Who could have guessed, on this day thirty-eleven of COVID-19 worldwide angst, how wonderfully helpful this class would be?

May I add only calm, positive, healing energy to this Universe of ours.

Thank you mille fois, Crista and all of the DYWM community

luzeamor 5 months ago

Perfect balance of challenge, relaxation and fun. Really enjoy how you incorporate mudras with the asana practice. Thank you!

Cattails 5 months ago

Oh, I so love all your classes, Crista. I always feel so renewed afterwards. I'm on a very good high. Never fails. Thank you so much. Namaste _/|\_

tswitucka 5 months ago

I concur....loved the sound affects. Kept me laughing while busing my butt! :)


debradunn 6 months ago

Loved this class. It was challenging while being joyful and happy. The pranayama to close was perfect. Thank you again from Australia

mkrishock 7 months ago

I loved this class. The sequences were amazing. I love Christa's sound effects. They crack me up and remind me to have fun. The breathing sequences were wonderful. Thanks Christa!