Clarity and Confidence Flow

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This yoga class with Tracey is a flow-based practice which challenges the body and the mind to slow down, to move underneath the breath cycles and to center the mind toward balance. Building upon repetition and establishing muscle memory, you will experience the ease and the playfulness that come as you slide further beyond the layers of distraction. It borders on being advanced, due to the challenging sequencing.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


My top five class for sure
Audinette 1 month ago

Was feeling in a wind wheel, this class was just perfect to slow down the brain and recenter. A dynamic whole body flow. Such a nice guidance before starting the class, helped a lot. Merci encore!

A new favorite. Thank you
teamtalbot 5 months ago

A new favorite. Thank you Tracey!

Even more
lmroiter 7 months ago

Hi Tracey,
I enjoyed this one even more because you were in the container of Shambhala!

New classes!!
CathrynAnn 8 months ago

I love Tracy so much!! Her energy and insights, following her voice and beautiful practice through her creative and challenging sequences ... please, more!!! Will she make new classes!?

Re: New classes!!
David Procyshyn 8 months ago

Hi there! Tracey is great, isn't she? Yes, we are filming new classes with Tracey. It has been a secret up until now, but I'll spill the beans. She's in the process of creating her own 14 day challenge. It takes some time to put together so many videos, but it's in progress and we hope to have the first one up within the next few months.

Any update on the Tracey
emfries79 3 months ago

Any update on the Tracey series??? Thank you!

Re: Tracey
David Procyshyn 3 months ago

Sorry about the delay! We have put her 14-Day Challenge on hold to film classes for the three 30-Day Challenges.

CathrynAnn 8 months ago

Wow!! Cannot wait!! Thank you for the information! Thank you for this site and all the wonderful teachers and classes and community you are creating and sharing.

fantastic news
Audinette 8 months ago

I cannot wait for her insightful and powerful classes, merci!!!