Clarity and Confidence Flow

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.9 (99 votes)
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This yoga class with Tracey is a flow-based practice which challenges the body and the mind to slow down, to move underneath the breath cycles and to center the mind toward balance. Building upon repetition and establishing muscle memory, you will experience the ease and the playfulness that come as you slide further beyond the layers of distraction. It borders on being advanced, due to the challenging sequencing.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


ashsv 3 months ago

Tracy you are my favorite teacher ever! Your classes are the perfect mix of challenging and relaxing and it feeds my soul as well as my body. Thank you thank you thank you

d55mw 4 months ago

I love Tracey's yoga because it means that all my joints, muscles and fascia are thoroughly rinsed and taken care of! If pure yogic spirit and energy can heal, she is my go to healer. Thank you and namaste :) /|\

Cattails 4 months ago

Wonderful wonderful! Felt so good. Thank you so much, Tracey. : ) Namaste

duroc017 6 months ago

I have been avoiding this one for a while because I remembered that the peak pose was difficult for me. It was still difficult, but I think I'm closer than last time I tried it. Also, it is a very lovely sequence. My mind feels freshly washed (in a good way, not like being brainwashed, lol), thanks to Tracey :)

sng4ever 9 months ago

Tracey is always wonderful and provides a great practice. This one has some challenging poses however with Tracey's guidance, I felt I could do more using my breath and listening to her voice than I thought I could. This practice will feel wonderful for your shoulders, back and core.

evawouda 9 months ago

Tracey thanks for this lovely class again! I love to listen to you. Your classes are so comforting and lightening for both the body and the mind I really love them. If you come again to Greece I want to join! (last time I couldnt make it because the duty roster for work was already out...)

LabCat 1 year ago

Thank you. I really enjoyed this class and the lessons on clarity and confidence.

Audinette 1 year ago

Was feeling in a wind wheel, this class was just perfect to slow down the brain and recenter. A dynamic whole body flow. Such a nice guidance before starting the class, helped a lot. Merci encore!