Clarity and Confidence Flow

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This yoga class with Tracey is a flow-based practice which challenges the body and the mind to slow down, to move underneath the breath cycles and to center the mind toward balance. Building upon repetition and establishing muscle memory, you will experience the ease and the playfulness that come as you slide further beyond the layers of distraction. It borders on being advanced, due to the challenging sequencing.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


GraceS 2 years ago

This has to be one of your better classes! As stated previously, I love finding new classes by Tracey. Thank you!

Helen Alford 2 years ago

I've been feeling rough as had a month of colds and hadn't kept up with my practice, feeling down in the dump with winter blues so I burnt some citrus essential oils and did this class, now I feel much better. It makes me realise how important yoga is to my health and happiness to feel the change after that one class.

Jenny Claire 2 years ago

Thank you Tracey, just what I needed after a busy week of work to come back into myself. Wonderful, light hearted and just enough of a challenge as always! :)

KiroChappy 2 years ago

I always love finding a new class by Tracy, especially one in which she focuses on an inspirational theme. As she states at the outset, life is too busy, and I find it's doing a number on my brain. This class was a workout and yet, I felt calm and peaceful throughout. Thank you, Tracy and DYWM, for giving us another great class from Tracy to turn to when we crave it!

lpyles 2 years ago

I enjoyed fully extending into the standing poses. I feel calm, balanced and at peace. Thanks!

Dusty Cobwebs 2 years ago

Thank you Tracey! Usually my balance (or lack of) is terrible but your class must have flicked a switch somewhere that allowed me to complete the class easily.