Chakra Four Flow

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Chakra four is the anahata chakra or the heart chakra. Fiji's' exploration includes many heart-openers, backbends, as well as a journey into what it means to open the heart chakra in your life, to love fully and unconditionally. The color associated with the heart chakra is green and the element is air.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Sammie Nicolaou 4 months ago

I have been feeling very tight in my shoulders and upper back for a long while now and this class gave me a understanding of some of the other emotional reasons as to why this tightness had occurred. Thank Fiji for your amazing classes and wise, helpful words always. A excellent class and I have a lot of mental homework now. Big love

172bpmallthetime 7 months ago

Thanks for the marvelous series. This class really helped me breathe with more ease.

Healing Balance
Irishlove 8 months ago

The complimentary balance of strong standing postures, hip openers and then the smooth transition into heart openers was very effective and soothing. Healing doesn't come as just a nice smiley face, but requires the commitment to go through the rough bits to the final blossoming of something once neglected or abused. I am grateful as I am finally allowing myself to feel and release the abused child that I was and embrace love. Thank you so much for the practice. Namaste from Ireland.

nadomom 9 months ago

Carefully paced to allow time to reach the full pose and hold it. The slow movement is very helpful and benefitcial. Love Fiji's classes. Thank you.

This entire series...
Kimby 10 months ago

Really great. I feel like you're talking to me. Thanks for the balance.

in the midst of a hard school
binary 11 months ago

in the midst of a hard school term I decided to step up my yoga routine. I began with this series. It has been spot on everyday. Exactly what I was in need of. Thank you, Fiji. You are a beautiful force of light in this world.

Just the right time
Fiji McAlpine 11 months ago

A series like this can be good medicine for the body and soul! Listening to that need from within as a stressful time in your life is form of yoga itself, great timing!


I love this class! I have
Fhirinn 11 months ago

I love this class! I have repeated it several times now and am finally able to stay in wheel pose for longer than half a second without collapsing ;) Thank you Fiji!

millimeter and millisecond miracles
Fiji McAlpine 11 months ago

I love hearing about this shifts that take place on our mat, it can mean so much especially in such a great heart opening pose.

Shine on!