Chair Yoga for the Upper Body

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If you thought you couldn't do yoga in a chair, think again! Chair yoga is perfect for seniors, office workers and anyone who finds it difficult to sit on the floor or stand. In this 30-minute class, David shows you how you can stretch the upper body in a thorough, effective way. This class focuses on the upper body. You can find exercises for your lower body here.

Equipment: Strap, Chair
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


Thank you
tworocks 5 months ago

This class is very relaxing and also helpful for the tightness I have from whiplash. I had an emotionally draining day today, and I feel such a sense of relief after this class. Thank you David.

Thank you David!
Spudsila 6 months ago

Perfect class for my mobility issues! Thank you so much for your gentleness and modifications where necessary!

Great option
JHNabors 9 months ago

I’m recovering from a lower body medical issue and was upset about missing yoga but found this class. Really great if you have mobility issues. Thank you David!

Thisni Caza 2 years ago

Really enjoyed this class. I need to strengthen my back and I can't lay down on the floor, so this was perfect for me. Excellent instructions. I will repeat this class on a regular basis.

Helen P 2 years ago

David, this class was perfect as I am recovering from a fractured and sprained ankle. My upper body feels quite tense as I am on crutches and this class has really helped me to relax and release around my neck, arms and shoulders. I'll be doing it every day for the next few weeks!

Chair Yoga for the Upper Body
Tfillinger 3 years ago

These are amazing stretches for the upper body. It is cool to be able to stretch so many little areas of the shoulders, upper back, and neck. This practice covers all of the intricate areas that definitely make a difference in how one feels. So many places where stress can be stored. Great video!! Thank you David

Thank you so much for doing a
ThrivingAngel1 3 years ago

Thank you so much for doing a video for those of us with mobility issues! For the first time, I have hope that I will become flexible again and be able to do more and more as I utilize your instruction.

1 legged for now
kldimmick 3 years ago

Wonderful class, thank you David. My first attempt at Yoga post ankle fusion surgery 4 days ago. The stretch and opening was much needed.

The edge
DeWaat 3 years ago

Beautiful practice. I love the concept of the edge...

TM recovery
Emma Hair 3 years ago

Hi I have just completed my first tough mudder and as you can imagine can hardly move your chair yoga classes are going along way to my recovery so thankyou so very much