Chair Yoga for the Upper Body

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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If you thought you couldn't do yoga in a chair, think again! Chair yoga is perfect for seniors, office workers and anyone who finds it difficult to sit on the floor or stand. In this 30-minute class, David shows you how you can stretch the upper body in a thorough, effective way. This class focuses on the upper body. You can find exercises for your lower body here.

Equipment: Strap, Chair
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


Perfect for 3rd trimester pregnancy & carpal tunnel syndrome!
frequency 723 4 years ago

Hi David, firstly thank you for making yoga so accessable to so many! I've been using your site for a good couple of years. I'm currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and feel rather heavy, while not labelled at 'prenatel yoga' this gentle chair yoga is perfect for bringing space into my chest & shoulders, allowing for me to breath easier and is also releasing tension and fluid in my hands as I'm suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome due to fluid retention that pregnancy sometimes brings. I've needed to make no modifications, it's simply perfect and bringing me great releif at this late stage of pregnancy (along with many of the specific 'prenatal yoga' classes available here).
Universal amounts of gratitude for your work.

Thanks David!
Literateparakeet 4 years ago

I really enjoyed doing this, and with my crazy schedule, I love that I can do yoga at work. :)

It's good for everyone!
stefifi 4 years ago

David, thanks ones more. Ive been using your site for a while now and find great ispiration for myself and for my students.

I'm about to teach to a 88 years old with Parkinson desease and went through this session thinking of him, but hey ho, was so good for me too!

The beauty of small movements.

Thank you