Burnout to Bliss

Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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This gentle beginner yoga class is great for those starting out. Relaxing and just challenging enough for a novice, Nicky makes it easy to follow. Nicky is known as our 'giggling yogi'... you'll see what we mean when you take the class.


The problem with this class
AndreaGuerrero 3 weeks ago

The problem with this class is not the class itself, its the tittle. When you are browsing clases and see "Burnout to bliss" you imagine a quick-pace, active class, challenging for its level. Instead, you get a very slow and meditative and long introduction to the class, followed by what is not a "burnout" class. Maybe a change in the tittle and description, framing it as a relaxation class will have less disappointed yoguis.

Burnout to bliss
David Procyshyn 3 weeks ago

By burnout, she means feeling 'burnt out'. It's a class that is meant to take you from feeling stressed, anxious and over-tired, to feeling rejuvenated, calm and relaxed.

Great meditation, excellent physical and mental challenge
Akiara 1 month ago

Reading through comments I see a lot of people state that this routine is "boring". I understand where they are coming from, but I do not agree. I found this to be very challenging mentally and physically, as most of us do not know how to sit in quiet with ourselves. The meditation period in the first part is a great start to a video that challenges beginner's full minds, stiff bodies and impatience. Great job! I'll be coming back to this one often.

Thank you Nicky for this
Sei Sen 5 months ago

Thank you Nicky for this wonderful practice. I loved every minute of it, including the relaxation part at the beginning, the challenging camel pose (I did it very easily without overthinking) and the long standing plank or lying onto open hips pose... My favorite things, beside the actually hearable deep breathing, are your giggles and positivity - totally contagious. Namaste !

Relaxing but irritating
taniavenn 6 months ago

I agree that this class was quite relaxing and I do feel great now that it's over. But I found the beginning way way to slow. Almost stopped the video. I think Nicky could be awesome - she has a great, calming voice, but the contrived little laughs were a bit irritating. Sorry.

Missing the point?
Akiara 1 month ago

I'm going to try to relay this message kindly. I think you might be missing the point entirely of yoga. It's not a exercise routine. It's a lifestyle that is centered around acceptance and patience. Ask yourself why you want to do yoga? Physical flexibility and strength? Calm and centered mind? All of the above? Why do you find her laughs irritating? I giggled almost every time she did. I found the beginning to be a perfect meditation to start my journey.

A beautiful class
hailey7250 6 months ago

A really lovely class :-) I use this one when I am struggling to get to the mat, feeling really stressed or sick as the relaxation at the start gently coaxes me to get off the couch. Thank you Nicky xo

Love this class
WordsandMelodies 8 months ago

I love this class. I've been doing it for years, when I feel particularly stressed out, especially sore from a workout, or just as though I could use a more meditative class. Your mileage may vary, but I love the extended relaxation at the beginning of the class. In fact, it's part of the reason I CHOOSE this class -- there are days when I do need that time to physically relax and get my head in the right space for yoga. I always finish this class feeling good.

I practiced this class as
Jmait7 9 months ago

I practiced this class as part of the beginner moving to intermediate series... I've loved every class on this site and in this series so far, but this one was so incredibly boring. I will not be practicing this one again.

As one reviewer stated, this
birdnthesky 9 months ago

As one reviewer stated, this is a snoozefest. I took the class as part of the Beginner to Intermediate series. Nicky has a calming voice which I enjoyed a lot. Other than that, I didn't care for the sequence at all. It is 16 minutes in before you start to move and only a few minutes past that you're in camel pose. It felt too much on cold muscles. This video would be okay as a relaxation meditation class but even then I would be uninterested a few minutes into it.