Burnout to Bliss

Burnout to Bliss

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Instructor Nicky Jones
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This gentle beginner yoga class is great for those starting out. Relaxing and just challenging enough for a novice, Nicky makes it easy to follow. Nicky is known as our 'giggling yogi'... you'll see what we mean when you take the class.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


Iris Nez 5 months ago

For me, this is the perfect class. Last month when my life was pure overwhelm, I found myself doing it every day, oftentimes falling asleep at the end. I can't put my finger on it, but something about Nicky's approach feels very emotionally restorative. Thank you!

The challenge is up to the yogi/yogini
Irishlove 6 months ago

I very much enjoyed this class. I've used it as one of my "rest" days given I'm on day 37 of do-yoga-for-356-days-straight "quest". I found it to be very evenly paced and definitely challenging IF you actually keep your core engaged and stay in each full posture for the entire length of the hold (which seemed to be about 2 minutes to me. This class is an excellent way to re-connect with the breath, core, alignment and purpose of having a practice. Thank you very much. Namaste from Ireland.

yoga mind
unclejuice19 1 year ago

This is a perfect class for instilling a mindful morning. Thank you so much Nicky.

I really loved the nice, slow
lebaillie 1 year ago

I really loved the nice, slow, gentle start. It helps after a long day to ease into the practice and settle into it. My tension and soreness is much improved. I usually avoid long classes, but this one is worth making time for!

More challenging than expected
Cloud42 1 year ago

I thought I was going to fall asleep at the beginning because I got so relaxed. Loved the planks, downward dog and cobra as the practice progressed.. Glad to see that I am finally able to hold planks for some sort of time. Happy surprise that the class gave me a ton of energy and some challenge that I love.

The problem with this class
AndreaGuerrero 1 year ago

The problem with this class is not the class itself, its the tittle. When you are browsing clases and see "Burnout to bliss" you imagine a quick-pace, active class, challenging for its level. Instead, you get a very slow and meditative and long introduction to the class, followed by what is not a "burnout" class. Maybe a change in the tittle and description, framing it as a relaxation class will have less disappointed yoguis.

Burnout to bliss
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

By burnout, she means feeling 'burnt out'. It's a class that is meant to take you from feeling stressed, anxious and over-tired, to feeling rejuvenated, calm and relaxed.

Great meditation, excellent physical and mental challenge
Akiara 1 year ago

Reading through comments I see a lot of people state that this routine is "boring". I understand where they are coming from, but I do not agree. I found this to be very challenging mentally and physically, as most of us do not know how to sit in quiet with ourselves. The meditation period in the first part is a great start to a video that challenges beginner's full minds, stiff bodies and impatience. Great job! I'll be coming back to this one often.

I agree.
Irishlove 6 months ago

I have to agree. As a looong time yoga practitioner I can honestly say that the mindset of "faster is always better" leads first off, to an imbalance in the mind, and secondly, to those who do not study any anatomy and/or philology a huge risk for repetitive injury over time (this is why there are negative experiences with yoga, people who push, push, push without knowing any alignment principals for their body type). I've seen more yogis/yoginis practicing "flows" that were so far out of alignment for their bodies it literally frighened me. I, too, struggle with meditation. Some people find it very quickly, I struggle with an ever active mind; I always have, I always will. I use all levels to help facilitate a transformation in myself and soothe my tri-dosha, to become centered, grounded, and at ease with myself so I can intuitively know what my body needs. Only by practicing mindfully can a yogi/yogini find inner harmony and.... the breath! I LOVED this class. Namaste from Ireland.

Thank you Nicky for this
Sei Sen 2 years ago

Thank you Nicky for this wonderful practice. I loved every minute of it, including the relaxation part at the beginning, the challenging camel pose (I did it very easily without overthinking) and the long standing plank or lying onto open hips pose... My favorite things, beside the actually hearable deep breathing, are your giggles and positivity - totally contagious. Namaste !