Burnout to Bliss

Nicky Jones
Instructor Nicky Jones
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This gentle beginner yoga class is great for those starting out. Relaxing and just challenging enough for a novice, Nicky makes it easy to follow. Nicky is known as our 'giggling yogi'... you'll see what we mean when you take the class. Note: this class begins with a guided meditation that has you lying still for about 15 minutes. 

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


ambermesser 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful class! Because of the grounding meditation at the beginning, I was finally able to honor my intention, which was to stick with my breath for an entire class. Nicky's gentle reminders about letting the breath open up and create more space in each pose really helped me focus. Her instructions were just enough to get me to the next pose but sparse enough that that I could stay focused on my own body and breath without the distraction of too much chit-chat - although the giggles were welcome =)

Alexa Tolan 1 year ago


Is it normal that I can't buy this class? Recently I noticed the same issue for many other classes. Has anything changed which prevents me from buying videos from your website? I live in Belgium.

Kind regards, Alexandrina

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hello Alexandria.
Yes, many of our older videos don't have the option to purchase and this is one of them. We occasionally add them so you'll see the purchase buttons appear if that happens.
Take care,

Sarahcapa 1 year ago

I really enjoyed the Absolute Beginner series and have just started with the Ongoing Beginner Programme. I liked the relaxation at the beginning of the video but found that I was too inflexible and the instructions went too fast to keep up with the rest. I became really disheartened and frustrated because I couldn't keep up and couldn't manage to do the stretches, and there wasn't always an alternative suggested.

In general, the content of the video is good and the instructor is really encouraging, so maybe the video should come a bit later in the series? As a person who can barely touch their knees while standing up, it's upsetting to be told be someone whose body is essentially spaghetti to put your head on the floor while sitting. It would be great to have more videos about flexibility and how to handle not being able to do the stretches fully.

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like Nicki could have provided more modifications in this class. I can see how that would be frustrating and I apologize for that. I have the rest of the program has gone well!

pamato 1 year ago

The opening movement was perfect for me as were the generous time in poses and time between queues. This made it much easier for me to get grounded and follow along.

Mrs. K 1 year ago

I have done some yoga off and on for years, 60 year old woman, making more of an effort. I work all day and this was a very nice way to unwind. I will use this class often. Thank you,

themmases 1 year ago

I do yoga to prepare to meditate, and would not have opened this class if I knew it begins with over 15 minutes of lying still. I'm not sure it belongs in the Beginner to Intermediate program, which is how I found it.

I was even more disappointed when I checked the reviews for this class to see if others with similar practice still found it worthwhile. Many judgmental comments suggesting that people who don't like the class just don't understand the point of yoga, or are imbalanced, or not mindful. It's sad to see so many negative comments and assumptions about others that really should have been moderated, in a yoga community of all places. Unfortunately the whole experience of even visiting the video was really negative.