Building Up To Dragonfly Pose

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Dragonfly pose, or Maksikanagasana, is an intricate arm balance that requires a arm, core and leg strength, as well as spinal, hip and leg flexibility. Teacher trainer Rachel Scott designed this class to help you get into this difficult pose by putting together an intelligent sequence, full of creative transitions that build to the peak pose, dragonfly.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


hslywka 6 months ago

Such a lovely, happy, energy filled class.

Thank you!

TikiMan098 6 months ago

Loved the interesting postures and progression towards dragon fly pose. Your smile is infectious - brightened my day for sure.

Thank you and best wishes,

JernYoga 7 months ago

Super great class. I've tried to get into Dragonfly before, but his was the first time I actually succeeded. Thanks!

MariamS 8 months ago

Hi Rachel and DYWM team,

I noticed in this class (as well as a couple of other ones that involved an arm balance combined with a twist) that my left hand felt strained. It's the area just between the wrist and the thumb. I don't feel anything during the pose (at 34.06 minutes into the video). It's only immediately afterwards and only the left hand even though I practice both sides of the pose. Could this be because of 1) I'm not distributing the weight correctly or 2) because my elbow should be above or over my wrist or 3) something else altogether? I'm right handed if that makes a difference (maybe my left side is just not strong enough?) For now I'm going to hold off on these particular poses but do let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Rachel Scott 8 months ago

Hi Mariam! It's hard to say without seeing you, but I'd like to offer some suggestions and let's see if they help! My *guess* is that you're not weighting your index mound enough. Also, are you really spreading your thumb away from your hands? Although the fingers like to be spread - the thumb does not. If you've been widening your thumb a lot away from the palm, then bring it closer in. Could also be that the left arm isn't as strong as the right; check in to make sure that the shoulder isn't dropping forward. I think of little air bags under my arm pits in arm balances - like little arm pit water wings!! Keep me posted!

MariamS 8 months ago

Thank you Rachel! I will keep all those points in mind for the next time I try the pose. About the thumb being too spread out, that hadn't even occurred to me so I will make a note of it. After reading your feedback and just observing how I naturally tend to distribute my weight when I place my palms on the floor, it seems I have a tendency to push down more on the heel of the palm in this kind of arm balance. Probably because I was so focused on pushing myself up rather than up and forward like you say in the video. Going to record myself in the next class to properly observe my alignment. Thank you again, your attention to anatomy has always been very helpful.

sarahjwou 1 year ago

Rachel Scott and Fiji McAlpine are definitely my favorite instructors on this site. I love Rachel's creative flow, clear instructions, and attention to technique. I have been working on arm balances for some time now, but I have yet to perfect this sneaky grasshopper pose. Rachel's cues and warm-up to the peak pose are perfect. So fun!

emhenry 1 year ago

I love, love, LOVE this class! I can't believe I haven't reviewed it yet, because it is on of my all time favourites! So great for twists and hip opening- such a powerful, well rounded class in a short time! Having been returning to this class on and off for about a year (I can't remember the last time I did it actually) I have just reached the peak pose! Thank you Rachel! xx

livia.c 1 year ago

I just love this class, especially when I still can't do the dragonfly pose. It is so challenging and it opens the hips and legs so nicely. Thank you!