Breathing Through Movement

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class is a quite an experience. It begins with the Ujayi Breath, then flows through a rigorous sun salutation, warming the body and focusing the mind. It then takes you to the floor, where you move through a series of deep stretches. Best of all, it finishes with a 20-minute Total Body Relaxation!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


lpyles 3 months ago

Whenever I feel like I am pushing too much with running and advanced classes and I need to back off slow down and stretch out this is a great for soothing and healing. My sacroiliac feels much better after this class. Thanks

kstone 7 months ago

This complete class is very therapeutic. Just what I needed today. Love the music, Davids calm voice and the meditative quality.

I love this class so much. Hatha has been the practice I have grown with since I was 15 and this gets all the juicy bits. When I really need to cleanse, get grounded and open my channels this is the one. Thank you so much for keeping this as a staple in the class selection.

themmases 7 months ago

I tried this class as part of the Beginner to Intermediate program, and bookmarked it immediately on completing it. This is a nice full body flow that follows my favorite type of progression in in-person classes: warming up with sun salutations that increase in difficulty and incorporate standing poses, then gradually moving down towards the mat.

After a few months of doing yoga 3 times a week at somewhere between the beginner and intermediate levels, I am using the program to get through the holidays when most of my classes don't meet. I was really pleased with the level of this class after taking a several week break where I did very little, and only beginner/gentle, yoga. I made it through the class using a strap whenever my hands couldn't meet (pretty often!) and will go back to it again whenever I need a moderate challenge.

My only comments are that I would have liked more instruction about the purpose of some of the twists: how they should feel, what should be stretched. That would have helped me modify them myself. And although I liked the relaxation at the end, I found it too uncomfortable to lie on the floor for that long, even with a rug underneath my mat. I made it as long as I could-- about 10 minutes-- but will see if I can go longer next time.

Biodagar 9 months ago

I got halfway through this and bailed. I can't get even halfway to any of these twists and there is zero guidance on how to find alternative postures for those of us with barely any flexibility. I expected that there would be given it's programmed in a beginner to intermediate program, particularly given the others are like that; super disappointed. Suggest it isn't pitched at beginners looking to move upwards.

David Procyshyn 9 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. This is one of our earlier videos and we didn't offer modifications at that time. We'll make note of this.
Take care,

MichelleRene 1 year ago

Great class, will help with strength-building and flexibility. So pleased to have found more of David's classes I thought had been removed.

mtngirl 1 year ago

Great challenging practice, wonderful way to end the year. Thank you David and everyone at DYWM.
I wish you joy and peace .

Kat Colorado 1 year ago

I love this practice. It starts of with movement which warms up the body, then there are these deep intense stretches and slowy the floor comes closer and it ends with a long relaxation. Wonderful!

Cloud42 2 years ago

But I love it. I had a baby five months ago and had gained about 30 pounds. I am so out of shape. I have been doing baby and mom yoga when I don't get a break to do my own yoga. At first, I only made it like 8 minutes into this video. Now I can do 20 minutes. I was breaking a sweat. I love the challenge. I like the focus it has on strengthening my legs. That is where I really need some help. It will be so cool to finally complete this video one day. I'll try again tomorrow. -) I'll be so proud to say I did an intermediate video. Thanks David.