Binds, Birds and Balances

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Get ready to push yourself in so many ways with this full, challenging and rewarding power yoga flow with Crista. Her performance is stellar as she guides you effortlessly into and out of foot and arm balances, deep openers for the legs, hips, back and shoulders and poses that require intense focus and will power. Have fun with this one.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


cirvine06 1 year ago

Wonderful sequence! I love your delivery and the energy that you have. This video is challenging yet playful, and leaves room to modify/make it your own. I also like how encouraging and fun you are.

Irishlove 1 year ago

I enjoyed this class, but am reticent to call it an advanced class when so much mouth breathing is used. I used Ujjayi breathing which I find much more conducive to the openings and balances and a balanced overall yoga pratice. It was good to get into Tittibhasana and Svarga Dvijasana later in the practice! I didn't particularly care for the criss/cross legs up and down which felt more calisthenic, not yogic at all, especially with the mouth breathing and the choice for "fast or slow". I will be doing this class in the future with modifications in the breathing, etc., as the overall class is very opening. I also felt there were too many alignment ques without a prior que as to which posture was next (most advanced classes que you to the posture first). I do not mean this to sound harsh or critical. It's merely my experience. Thank you for the class. Namaste from Ireland.

Hi there, thank you for bringing up this important reminder. Ujayi breath is absolutely the primary breath used in Vinyasa yoga, and in my real-time classes I nag people incessantly about it! Of course, I can't demonstrate it when I am simultaneously talking us through these online classes. In some of my other classes you can hear me doing more ujayi while I am holding some poses longer.
I also like to incorporate exhales through the mouth (you can think of them as little lion's breaths, if you prefer the Krishnamacharya/Pattabhi Jois lineage), which draws more from Kundalini yoga rather than Ashtanga Yoga, and is used to clear out the grunthis (energy blockages), as well as release tension and stress, which I feel is so important in this day and age! I like to incorporate different lineages of yoga into my classes, since I feel there are many strengths the different branches of yoga have to offer.
Thanks for your time!

Irishlove 1 year ago

I appreciate that clarification very much. You've answered my question as I was unsure what method of breathing you suggest for the classes you teach (this was one of my first classes with you). I've a very eclectic assortment of styles so I try to do what's suggested, although for any vinyasa or steady movement I prefer Ujjayi. I'm sorry if I was unclear that I wasn't expecting you to be Ujjayi breathing and teaching, just looking for clarification on how I should be breathing (primarily). I must say, I genuinely appreciate the way you call out a posture in either English or Sanskrit so I know where we're headed and don't constantly have to mind my monitor. Thanks very much again for the time you took to write back. Namaste from Ireland.

chrismc90 1 year ago

this is one of my favorite classes. finally got the full bind in revolved side angle!

mntmadre 2 years ago

Yes! I felt like this was just right, enough where I was comfortable with pushing myself to new places. I'll come back to this. I will also use sparkle sparkle as a new mantra. Thank you!

Cari_Yogi 2 years ago

Crista's classes are always fun and I always end up amazed at her ability to get me so deep into a lot of poses. Her teaching style reminds me to not be tooo serious, to explore self, let go and have all the fun! A philosophy I take with me off the mat :)

pvetsen 2 years ago

Thank you for the lovely practice, Crista. And thank you for reminding me to check my smile, I've taken that with me off the mat :)

tinylight 2 years ago

Crista so clearly explains each movement needed to go into these more difficult poses. I've been doing yoga for a long time and thought I would never be able to do crow pose or titivasana due to a wrist problem. It turns out I just wasn't doing them correctly. Thank you, Crista. I'm so grateful! Namaste!