Binds, Birds and Balances

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Crista Shillington
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Get ready to push yourself in so many ways with this full, challenging and rewarding power yoga flow with Crista. Her performance is stellar as she guides you effortlessly into and out of foot and arm balances, deep openers for the legs, hips, back and shoulders and poses that require intense focus and will power. Have fun with this one.


this is one of my favorite
chrismc90 1 month ago

this is one of my favorite classes. finally got the full bind in revolved side angle!

Sparkle sparkle
mntmadre 1 year ago

Yes! I felt like this was just right, enough where I was comfortable with pushing myself to new places. I'll come back to this. I will also use sparkle sparkle as a new mantra. Thank you!

Sweet Freedom
Cari_Yogi 1 year ago

Crista's classes are always fun and I always end up amazed at her ability to get me so deep into a lot of poses. Her teaching style reminds me to not be tooo serious, to explore self, let go and have all the fun! A philosophy I take with me off the mat :)

Thank you for the lovely
pvetsen 1 year ago

Thank you for the lovely practice, Crista. And thank you for reminding me to check my smile, I've taken that with me off the mat :)

I was able to do poses that I'd thought I couldn't! Thank you!
tinylight 1 year ago

Crista so clearly explains each movement needed to go into these more difficult poses. I've been doing yoga for a long time and thought I would never be able to do crow pose or titivasana due to a wrist problem. It turns out I just wasn't doing them correctly. Thank you, Crista. I'm so grateful! Namaste!

Another wonderful class!
LucyHB 1 year ago

I was so excited to see a new full length advanced class, and Crista made this really fun and enjoyable. Some really interesting transitions and, as always, fantastic stretches. Crista's classes are always a pleasure to do, they never feel like 'work' even when they are challenging. Thank you Crista for keeping us coming back to our mats for more :-)

Feeling content
vbelair02 1 year ago

I love Crista's positivity. I loved this class especially the twists and IT band stretches as I am a runner. It was perfect to finish off my busy productive day. Keep them coming! This site is too good to be true. I tell EVERYONE.

Challenging and spacious
Kiratee 1 year ago

That was the nicest class I've done in a long time. I love the space and time you give to poses and you have such a sweet, smiling presence which is lovely (and encouraging). Thank you Crista!