Ashtanga Yoga Therapeutic Sequence

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Jeff Lichty
Ashtanga Yoga
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This ashtanga yoga class with Jeff is a slower flow with more attention to poses that are therapeutic and nourishing. It's a great class if you are new to ashtanga yoga or you are looking for a more gentle vinyasa yoga class.


Wonderful intro
br350 1 month ago

I took a Hatha yoga class many years ago (20+ or more) and am trying to get into some sort of regular yoga practice to relieve stress/tension. This was a great balance of gentleness and use of muscles in a mild strength-building way (the bridge and lifting butt of ground while seated cross-legged). Thank you so much for this! I will repeat this for a while until I feel ready to go further.

Nice and slow
oakhazel 1 month ago

Very relaxing, good one to do after a days work. I enjoyed the silence i.e. no music. Thank you

90 Minutes through all the basics would be fabulous!
Irishlove 2 months ago

Doing this class was wonderful, but I wish there was a 90 minute version of this with all the forward bends, basic standing postures, floor work, core, backbends, and inversions.

That would be brilliant!

Namaste from Ireland.

dilouise 3 months ago

Just what I needed after overdoing my yoga yesterday. Thank you.

Soucy 3 months ago

I have a congenital back issue, and this was a great way to get in my daily practice even when my back was not being cooperative.
Thanks for understanding that some days all we can give is 20 minutes.

Excellent chronic health issues
Rnfromjmu 3 months ago

This is a perfect class for those days that are high flare days for chronic health issues. Gentle, easy pace, and healing.

Perfect way to return to yoga
byootie 4 months ago

I practiced Ashtanga yoga for a couple of years a long time ago and have had a hard time getting back into it. This video is perfect for getting back into yoga in general and eventually build my Ashtanga practice back up. Thank you!

ama1031 4 months ago

Today I knew I needed to move but was feeling so tired. This practiced showed up in the 20 minutes search of classes. Once I began I was wanting more! This woke me and centered me. Thank you, the class was a blessing.