5 Poses to Halfmoon

5 Poses to Halfmoon

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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You may think that it's impossible to do 5 poses leading to halfmoon pose (ardha chandrasana). It's a challenging pose that requires significant strength and flexibility in the back, hips and legs, not to mention overall balance! Rachel's approach here it to ensure that your body is fully warmed up and prepared before she takes you toward the full pose, so that you feel ready physically and mentally. Good luck!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Glad I tried a beginner class!
yogiAndermoser 9 months ago

I normally choose intermediate classes on doyogawith me. I have been practising yoga for several years and was afraid I'd be bored by the beginner classes. I love Rachel's classes, so decided to give this one a go. So happy I did. Was great to be reminded of key elements of the poses and to really focus on what I want my body to be doing in each one. Loved it! Will be trying other beginner classes now as well :)

Perfect Yoga session for me
glowlight 10 months ago

Perfect Yoga session for me tonight!! I loved the lead up to the final pose and great instruction on how to open and rotate your hips.
Book marked this one for future enjoyment <3

Nyamyj 10 months ago

My pose wasn’t picture perfect, but WOW, I was doing it with relative ease due to such thought out instruction. Looking forward to coming back to this and improving with practice. Thank you Rachel!

Love the class; I found it a
Reineira 11 months ago

Love the class; I found it a bit fast to follow it properly but will definitely try it again. Thank you so much!

5 poses to halfmoon
brownstefani 11 months ago

Really love this class but one thing is missing, the thing is love so much about do yoga with me, is the sound of the waves!

Great instructions
dmintho 1 year ago

First time I have been able to come close to a decent half moon. Will bookmark this one.

great class, minor editing issue
mcscandalous 1 year ago

I loved this class and it helped me finally find the missing puzzle piece of half moon that had me struggling for years! There are a couple small editing issues in this video. One later in the video around the 26:38 mark, where Rachel requests a retake (which I don't mind as much), but another more significant one around the 14:13 mark that mixes up the transitions and has us going into warrior 2 on the left side twice. Still overall a great class that I'll be returning to, regardless of the video goofs!

Better balance :)
Kitty N 1 year ago

I actually didn't fall over right away while doing that pose! (on my right side anyways lol) And I felt more stable than I ever did. Thanks Rachel :)