Yoga for Seniors: Thoracic Park

Michelle Rubin
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This is a short series designed to open up your neck, shoulders and thoracic spine (the middle of the back between your shoulder blades). It’s great for office workers and a fantastic class to do regularly if you want to avoid common issues from desk work and aging, such as carpal tunnel, arthritis and neck pain.


dawhaw 10 months ago

Question: Just because I am over sixty, why do you say don't put my head back?

Head back
David Procyshyn 10 months ago

I'm not sure what specific point in the video you're referring to, but I think that can be a comment for the general public. It's important to avoid letting the head drop back in a way that can stress the neck.

I have one replaced vertebrae
Thisni Caza 1 year ago

I have one replaced vertebrae, and a total of eight fused, thoracic, so the title of this class really caught my eye. Unfortunately, this class was too fast for me, which is not a criticism of the I am 67, don't exercise regularly, and have the special circumstances of the spinal fusion. I may return to this class after I build my endurance a bit.

I enjoyed doing this video,
Belinda Simonini 2 years ago

I enjoyed doing this video, myself a very fit 55 year old, with my 82 year old not too fit Dad. We both found it far too fast though. More direction on the breathing and a slower pace so that each breath sequence can match a yoga sequence would be great! Thank you!

thanks for this video
jstar5dvm 2 years ago

I just had major reconstructive surgery on my foot 4 days ago, so my mobility is very limited, but it was thrilling to find a little yoga sequence that can be done within the context of my physical limitation. Breath and movement are healing! Thank you!

First time Thoracic Park
Bobbijazzsinger 3 years ago

I didn't find it to fast but I did slow down now and then, I just kept going. I think I can do this! Thank you!

To defend the speed of this video
seggie1313 4 years ago

Yes, the speed is fast. It's for a reason: to get heat into the muscles quickly. No, I couldn't keep up with it, as I am a beginner, but I found the pace that gave the "burn" and went through all the different stretches as she did. My pace was a bit slower and it worked for me. Ideally, the goal is to get near her speed, but ALL yoga should be done at your own pace. There is nothing wrong with my speed because it worked for me, just like yours would work for you. The faster, the better when it comes to the thoracic spine because of its use.

Too fast for beginner
livestartled 4 years ago

I am a beginner and I lasted about five minutes. I'll do it again, only with more reflective speed. I don't remember yoga being so speedy.

Speed way too fast
klwms 5 years ago

Perfect series for improving limited range of motion shoulders like mine, but way too fast for this senior at 69 years...any chance of making one I can follow along with without having to keep pausing the video? Even an audio only would be nice...

Just okay...
camin90066 5 years ago

While I appreciate that the moves are beneficial, the pace is much too fast if trying to coordinate the breath with the arm movements. I slowed everything down to what worked for me.