Yoga for Runners: Post-Run

Fiji McAlpine
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Yoga for Runners
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Practicing a few yoga poses after a run, when your muscles are warm and soft, will make you feel a whole lot better the next day. Post-run yoga will decrease injuries and improve the health and strength of muscles. Also, tense muscles have trouble receiving enough blood. Stretching improves the muscles' access to healthy blood and oxygen.


It really helps to recover after running
Aura 6 years ago

I have tried this class two times so far and is incredible. Really feel much better after my 5k run. This is going to be part of my routine.

excellent stretches
kiddo2000 6 years ago

i went for a shorter run today as it is incredibly windy outside. i was a little stiff in the hips and this felt just amazing. thanks so much!

post 20km run
slough 6 years ago

I feel amazing after this routine. It was gentle and allowed my body to open up and relax after a long run.

So Nice!
Madeleine 6 years ago

I feel so good today after doing this class last night. I'm not a serious runner, but go for a good jog a few times a week. It makes so much sense how this class benefits a runner after the fact.