Yoga for Pain Care

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
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This class helps with managing pain by teaching breathing, awareness, mindfulness and safe movement practices to help improve ease and relaxation, and increase flexibility, strength and mobility. Tianne begins with guided breathing and relaxing the body, then moves slowly, gently through a series of seated, standing, and lying down poses. You are invited to explore your body as it feels comfortable for you, making modifications and taking rest as needed.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Yoga Therapy


Chrysalis 5 months ago

Thank you! Reminded that each day my body is asking for something different. This gentle practice moved me from striving and struggling to leaning in. Wonderful!

gpeach 7 months ago

Loved peaceful gentle voice. Computer kept cutting out, so didn't get full effect of continuity.

cheryford 7 months ago

Peaceful and relaxing! Ease of movements helped me with mobility and flexibility.

dkondelik 7 months ago

Thank you very much for the loving care in which you instruct!

nisibird 7 months ago

Slow and easy, gentle movements that incorporates a couple similar movements to ones I learned in PT. Nice :)

Calm Me 7 months ago

I couldn't complete today's practice...I switched to something else. It was way too slow and we are seniors not kindergarten students.