Yoga for Divas

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Are you a diva? Even if you aren't, Rachel will make you feel like one! This hatha yoga class is fun, lively, joyful and perfect for everybody... even if you don't care about being a diva. The hatha flow will bring you all of the benefits that Rachel typically has in her classes, but filled with a diva flair - you will feel confidence, boundless energy and self expression!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


norinsofia 20 hours ago

Im expecting my first baby in about one week and i really needed to feel like a diva right now! thank you :)

MissAlyssa 1 week ago

Ooo this was awesome! I love your energy--it matches my own! I wish you had more beginner videos so that beginners like me could practice with you more often. Namaste, Rachel :)

Rachel Scott 6 days ago

You are so welcome Miss Alyssa!! You may enjoy the Fundamentals of Yoga series, in case you haven't checked that out yet :) Yoga for Hangovers is fun, too ;)

PeacefulRN 2 months ago

Great cure for a cruddy mood! I have done this class a bunch of times and it never fails to make my body and mind feel a lot better. Love the playfulness, the free-form stretches, and the reminder to take up space. Thanks, Rachel!

Clairemorgan 3 months ago

Within the Pilates Challenge this class is such joy. Total expression and expansion is a welcome contrast to the control and micro movements of Pilates! Loved it and bookmarked it for days I need to reclaim space inside. Thank you.