Yoga for Divas

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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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Are you a diva? Even if you aren't, Rachel will make you feel like one! This hatha yoga class is fun, lively, joyful and perfect for everybody... even if you don't care about being a diva. The hatha flow will bring you all of the benefits that Rachel typically has in her classes, but filled with a diva flair - you will feel confidence, boundless energy and self expression!


Love this class!!
Crystalline 1 week ago

What a great, energetic class. I feel incredible! Thank you!!

Fun and powerful
elivensparger 3 weeks ago

Really enjoyed the moves did want to share that bringing up particular names of folks was a bit distracting. I want to be my own diva and leave space for them to be their own divas. I wanted to think about me and not them. Other than that felt very big and open and freeing.

Thank you!! Exactly what I
trigirl9 2 months ago

Thank you!! Exactly what I needed today. three weeks post major surgery. This made me feel myself again.

Wonderful class but
EvaMargita 2 months ago

Wonderful class but definitely more intermediate than beginner! So many chaturangas and also side plank and wild thing and on top of it very fast speed! I was looking for a calm class today so I chose beginner - but hm... did not really get what I bargained for.

What a delicious flow. My 2 months ago

What a delicious flow. My heart feels like so much expansion, warmth, and radiance just poured right through it. Thanks, Rachel!

Wowzers! Such great energy!
karen77ca 2 months ago

Wowzers! Such great energy! Love it, perfect way to start the day!

Wonderful class!
loriinman 2 months ago

I've always been a Fiji and Tracey fan, but I'm really digging Rachel's classes. This one is fun and fast moving, which I like!

I enjoyed this a lot- but as
novatriesfittness 3 months ago

I enjoyed this a lot- but as a brand new person to yoga, it was a bit hard for me. hope it gets easier!