Yoga for Divas

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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Are you a diva? Even if you aren't, Rachel will make you feel like one! This hatha yoga class is fun, lively, joyful and perfect for everybody... even if you don't care about being a diva. The hatha flow will bring you all of the benefits that Rachel typically has in her classes, but filled with a diva flair - you will feel confidence, boundless energy and self expression!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Great Moves!
canosjp 1 month ago


I feel great after all of the opening you helped us do in this class!

Thank you!!


Changeup makes for great fun
BillMcJ768 3 months ago

This was so much fun!. The wide stances, big movements and Rachel's happiness in guiding the routine made this a kick to do. Whenever I get in a rut this will be one I return to. Thanks,

Frankie117 3 months ago

What a beautiful feeling to expand in my space. Such powerful postures. Reminds me to give from the heart and share boldly in all directions. Thank you So much.

I loved your yoga pants too.

What an amazing class! I
Rachael Reilly 5 months ago

What an amazing class! I found myself spontaneou smiling and laughing all the way through. Rachel is a wonderful teacher!

Rachel Scott 5 months ago

LOL Rachael - I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Relish your inner diva! :)

Thank you
Michele72 7 months ago

I had the most amazing ephiny while doing this class. I’ve been doing a lot of self care work as of late and realized that even while doing it that I’ve been playing so small and undeserving. Thank you for being a messenger and creating a class that helps one feel big and expansive. Even the meditation I did afterward felt bigger and gracious than it has in a long time.

Rachel Scott 6 months ago

Michele - I love that this class helped you feel as big and awesome as you are!! YES YES YES!

I found this class as part of
mkrishock 8 months ago

I found this class as part of a challenge. Love it! I really needed to find my Diva today! Thanks for a great class and making me smile!!