Yoga for Divas

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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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Are you a diva? Even if you aren't, Rachel will make you feel like one! This hatha yoga class is fun, lively, joyful and perfect for everybody... even if you don't care about being a diva. The hatha flow will bring you all of the benefits that Rachel typically has in her classes, but filled with a diva flair - you will feel confidence, boundless energy and self expression!


L<3ve it ... and the yoga pants!
Irishlove 2 weeks ago

What an awesome and awe inspiring practice... so much packed in there! I would also respectfully say that this is more of an intermediate level class.

I love the yoga pants and would honestly appreciate knowing who they are made by as in Ireland we don't have anything like that and I have to order my clothes online?

Namaste. ॐ

Rachel Scott 2 weeks ago

Aren't they FUN? They're made by Niyama. Another favorite brand of mine is Dharma bums - they rock and I love the way the fit. They've got awesome styles! If you check them out and like them, you can use Rachel20 and get a discount (I do not get any kick back from that, I just telling people about their stuff ;))

Which shop is that?
Irishlove 2 weeks ago

Great to know, thanks so much. Which online shop is that for? Thanks again! :)

oh my!!!
katielee23 1 month ago

I woke up to a cold and windy morning-its 'officially' the first day of winter here in Australia. And after my first Yoga for Divas class I am a warm and open diva - ready for the day!! Thank you, Rachel. That was deeeeeelicious and delightful! Namaste.

good chest opener
cgolembuski 2 months ago

I enjoyed this a lot. The visuals of other divas & movies scenes was surprisingly helpful!

Love this class!!
Crystalline 3 months ago

What a great, energetic class. I feel incredible! Thank you!!

Fun and powerful
elivensparger 3 months ago

Really enjoyed the moves did want to share that bringing up particular names of folks was a bit distracting. I want to be my own diva and leave space for them to be their own divas. I wanted to think about me and not them. Other than that felt very big and open and freeing.

Thank you!! Exactly what I
trigirl9 5 months ago

Thank you!! Exactly what I needed today. three weeks post major surgery. This made me feel myself again.