Yoga for Digestion: Full Class

Hatha Yoga
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Help heal and strengthen your own digestion with this full-length class that focuses on meditation, breath work and yoga poses, all which are designed to relax, massage and stimulate the digestive system. The class finishes with a deep, 20-minute relaxation.


wonderful!!! thank you so
jamimart 10 months ago

wonderful!!! thank you so much :-)

For me the breath period was
zackalltrades 1 year ago

For me the breath period was a little too short but otherwise good video. Absolutely good for the beginner. Thanks, David!

I'm Hooked
Isabellaborges 2 years ago

Wow, I just discovered this site and was instantly drawn to this digestion practice. I struggle with digestion issues and chronic pain in that area. This practice was amazing. Afterward I registered so that I could be part of this community! Thank you for offering such a great service. It is truly a blessing.

karenreddy01 3 years ago

hi David,

I woke up this morning inspired to get back to yoga and found your website in my google search. i found this video for digestion and it caught my attention because i have a lot of bad feelings toward self image surrounding my stomach. i didn't know there would be a long meditation for the second half of the class. boy was it a surprise and a delight. i cried by the end thats how powerful it was for me. so, thank you, tremendously. i look forward to checking out some more videos.


maria philipose... 3 years ago

dear david,

I have been using this site for over 3 months now...and I start my day with it everyday. It is truly beautiful, the instructors, the audio and visual quality, and of course the sessions themselves are fabulous.

I would usually do the intermediate levels, this month I started with your more focused and beginner sessions and they are incredibly helpful.

Thank you for putting this website's all I talk about to all my friends.

Much love

Thank you Maria! I appreciate
David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Thank you Maria! I appreciate your kind words and for passing this on to your friends.

Take care,

David founder

So helpful
fruit-power 4 years ago

This class was great for my upset stomach, the breaths really helped to relax it!

David's free on-line classes
Brahmi 4 years ago

David: I have been using your free on-line classes for some time now for inspiration to my yoga practice. They are all heartfelt, peaceful, wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful presence!! LOVE, PEACE, JOY, LIGHT!

ad3l1n3 4 years ago

David, you should put the meditation at the end of this practice on as a separate video on its own! I loved it and will be directing people to this practice. I feel so much better.

Have a great day!

David Procyshyn 4 years ago

It actually does exist on the site separately. It's on our Meditations page and it's called 'Heal Chronic Pain'.

Thanks for the kind words.

David Founder