Yoga for Absolute Beginners: Sun Salutations

Beginner I
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Now that you know how to sit comfortably, David takes you through one of the most common movements in yoga, called a sun salutation. He shows you ways to adapt the sequence to your needs so you can join any class, anywhere, whether it's another class on this site or in a local yoga studio. This class is a part of a 'Yoga for Beginners' series. Moksana Yoga Studio donated their space for the filming of this class.

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  • Blankets


  • Flexibility
  • Morning
  • Spine


  • Gentle Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
Gilly Vanilly
May 14, 2023

Good to go back to basics! I returned to this class during the MPP course and this time around it felt imprinted in my body. Thank you David for such clear instruction. Namaste

February 1, 2023

David I am very new to yoga again!! I took yoga a few years ago. I am much older and I find it very difficult to get on and off the floor. I also cannot kneel on my legs as you taught in this a previous yoga videos. I sat on a large thick cushion. I now spread my knees wider apart and am able to do Childs pose. I did this video again this morning and it was somewhat easier!! I used a chair to help me get up after lunge. Thank you for breaking sun salutation down to the very basic and beginning elements!! I am grateful for this journey!!