Yoga for Absolute Beginners: Sun Salutations

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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Now that you know how to sit comfortably, David takes you through one of the most common movements in yoga, called a sun salutation. He shows you ways to adapt the sequence to your needs so you can join any class, anywhere, whether it's another class on this site or in a local yoga studio. This class is a part of a 'Yoga for Beginners' series.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


Re: Volume
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi Kathleen. Thanks for the feedback.
Do you hear anything or is it silent? Do you hear volume from other videos?

FoxFirelight 1 year ago

I really love these videos, but for some reason I can't hear them very well. I've tested that it isn't just my computer and I made sure the volume was up on both the computer and the video - is there something I'm missing? Do only subscribers get the right volume?

Re: volume
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. The volume sounds fine on my end and it's no different whether you're a free or paying member. Is the volume on this video lower than others for you, or are they all the same?

Bee_Attitude 1 year ago

Hi David! First of all - you are a GREAT teacher for us "beginners or reacquainters"! I had the same volume issues with Beginners Session 2 & 3. I am watching on an iPad. My volume was at 100% and the volume on the video (bottom slide bar located within video) was also at 100%. It was definitely softer/harder to hear your voice then Session #1 and also a different beginner class I had completed earlier in week. Just wanted to chime in as I saw your questions. Namaste

thank you david
namastacey 1 year ago

lovely re-introduction to the flow--thank you!

Great way to bring sessions 1 and 2 together
tobyglynn 1 year ago

Lovely flowing sun salutation incorporating lessons from the 2 foundation session. Thank you

beginners sun salutations
Kitkatkatey 1 year ago

I have been practising for many years but I like to do a beginner class sometimes.

This class is wonderful for practising mindful yoga.

Thank you David