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Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 
This beautiful class is gentle and meditative. Satiya's calm voice and clear instruction makes this yin yoga class easy to follow and allows you to sink deeper into your inner experience, helping you let go, relax and be at peace. Note: to learn how to make your own bolster at home, click here.


Just what I needed after
Kimb 1 month ago

Just what I needed after heading back to school. Thank you!

Miabella 4 months ago

Having weird numbness in hands feet no diagnoses yet, tried this and it helped me forget the pain and helped a Lot. God Bless You Satiya
Love your voice and easy instruction Amazing

Another Wonderful Class!
Linz Mac 11 months ago

A lovely soothing and relaxing class with some fab stretches....have never felt so relaxed...couple Satiya's calming guidance with the subtle and beautiful background music and you have bliss!!!! Thank you Satiya will be returning to this one and it's bookmarked as a favourite!! :))

Amazing instructor!
yogagypsy 1 year ago

This is my favorite new teacher! Hurry with more classes from Satiya!

Yvi1308 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this wonderful, calming, and inspiring practice! I love your voice.

For the first time I could forget that I was in front a computer
oliviabeatriz 1 year ago

I'm Grateful for your class Satiya! For the first time I could forget that I was in front a computer!
Can you put more classes? Maybe one longer in class.... It is just a suggestion, because I believe that more students want to follow your classes. Is is really great.

was totally flat when began
Lezuz 1 year ago

was totally flat when began the class and it revitalize me in 1/2 hr

sharongausch 1 year ago

This was a lovely, soothing practice with clear explanations. Please, more videos from Satiya--she's wonderful!

This is heaven!
Areberoto 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this with us, you are very helpful :)