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Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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This beautiful class is gentle and meditative. Satiya's calm voice and clear instruction makes this yin yoga class easy to follow and allows you to sink deeper into your inner experience, helping you let go, relax and be at peace. Note: to learn how to make your own bolster at home, click here.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Yin Yoga


Lezuz 4 years ago

was totally flat when began the class and it revitalize me in 1/2 hr

sharongausch 4 years ago

This was a lovely, soothing practice with clear explanations. Please, more videos from Satiya--she's wonderful!

Areberoto 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this with us, you are very helpful :)

zeecee 4 years ago

This is a wonderful class. I look forward for more from Satiya. Thank you.

Tmosley1 4 years ago

This is just what I needed. I am really trying to get started and the way you instructed was the best.

Thank You so much.


c.c 4 years ago

Satiya's unique vocal register alone will relax a stressed body. The yoga is a bonus. I hope this instructor will add intermediate and advanced sessions.

volga 4 years ago

Thank you, Satiya!!!
I have a bad cold and this class is exactly what my body needed! I love your beautiful voice and detailed instructions made this class flow beautifully! Feel better already:)))
Thank you!

pik 4 years ago

Thank you Satiya. I have been hesitating to enter back into my practice (winter hibernation/winter blues) and have found you and this gentle session. Thank you. Your voice and instructions are wonderful. Thank you again.

kristingap 4 years ago

Great, relaxing and soothing practice. Really enjoyed Satiya's voice.