Stir It Up Livestream with Fiji McAlpine - Aug 31 @9am PST

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This livestream yoga class took place on Monday, Aug 31st. Fiji introduces the class at around 6 minutes, the class begins at 12 minutes and ends at 1hr 12 minutes. She spends the final 8 minutes speaking with students on YouTube.

Description: In this 60-minute class, Fiji will lead you on an invigorating journey, exploring intuitive flow, standing balances, and inversions. Get ready to generate some heat and stir up some energy!

Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


MiTy 2 months ago

Thank you for a wonderful practice, not just this one but all your practices. I don’t think I could pick a favorite amongst them. There is lots to say about how amazing you are but I most appreciate your careful attention to details, excellent cues and directions. I never have a “what on earth is she doing?” need to look at the screen to figure out anything. I can just listen, focus, and drop deep into my practice. Thank you.

HappyCamper 3 months ago

Thank you for all your wonderful classes, Fiji! You are one of my all time favourite yoga teachers. I always feel amazing after your classes.

aw9918 5 months ago

Love this class! One of my favorites. Perfect way to start my day! Thank you, Fiji, for all that you do!

Phoenixching 5 months ago

Excellent class, thank you! Would this class be available for purchase/download soon?

mcwenderson 5 months ago

Didn't get to do this live, alas, but it was still a treat. Like others, I love the glitches, giggles and problem solving. Just like real life.

nadonado 5 months ago

This class works the entire body. I like the smooth flow from one pose to the next and the pace. "Shaking with Joy" is hard work. Thank you.

emhenry 5 months ago

This was so wonderful! It's been a while since I've practised with Fiji and it was so good to come back to my roots! Thank you so much! xxx

MonicaMaron 5 months ago

Loved this class !! I usually do the shorter ones but this hour flew!! With a mix of all the poses I love all collected into one. Thanks so much Fiji! Nice seeing your lighter cute side too in addition to the more serious super professional side we see in the edited clips :-) - - hope I get to do a live lesson with you someday soon - once this Corona mess is behind us! In the meantime im recommending you to all my fellow Israeli yogi friends!

Tikkuner 5 months ago

Perfect hour class with all the right poses to open and strengthen!!!