Stir It Up Livestream with Fiji McAlpine - Aug 31 @9am PST

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This livestream yoga class took place on Monday, Aug 31st. Fiji introduces the class at around 6 minutes, the class begins at 12 minutes and ends at 1hr 12 minutes. She spends the final 8 minutes speaking with students on YouTube.

Description: In this 60-minute class, Fiji will lead you on an invigorating journey, exploring intuitive flow, standing balances, and inversions. Get ready to generate some heat and stir up some energy!

Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Hanasana 2 weeks ago

Other than the wonderful flow, I loved getting to know Fiji! And seeing how excited she gets when people she knows and loves are mentioned or present in the comment section :) Actually as I was doing this class after the live stream (I'm from Macedonia, which is kind of on the opposite side if the globe) I never got to ask this question that I've had for a while. I mean although I can Google it, I was hoping for Fiji's take on it (if she sees this): How can one decide if they're ready for YTT? Is it being able to do a lot of advanced poses an important part of it? I feel like there are a lot of things I need to develop - like arm strength - before I can even dream of getting into some postures properly (like Flying Pigeon), but then I wonder if YTT wouldn't help with that anyway... I'd totally do one with the DYWM team btw, once the covid-19 crisis is settled... and once I think I'm ready :)

freshang23 2 weeks ago

Loved every single thing about this! That first bit of leg sequencing was intense! You were like, “and now from
crescent into warrior two...” I was like FIJI!!!! It was a sneaky move lady! :) Hit all the right areas where I was holding tension. Fun, creative flow. Thank you. Cannot believe I missed you on live stream! Next time?!?! Also, super jealous you are wearing long sleeves...

duroc017 2 weeks ago

I did this practice after the livestream, but it was still a nice little treat. Felt like a very soothing yet invigorating sequence. Thank you DYWM for always bringing us new gifts all the time.

SueB26.2 2 weeks ago

Loved this class!! All my favorite poses in one class. Love that it was first a live stream. Thanks Fiji.

Anne Gorfinkel 2 weeks ago

What a wonderful sequence of poses! Thank you Fiji!! I've been practicing to your videos for years starting as a beginner and this felt like a true integration for me. And seeing you laughing and relaxed was joyful too! Thanks to you and everyone at Do Yoga With Me for helping us all stay a bit more sane and grounded through uncertain times!

PeterSkruf 2 weeks ago

Was I the only one who had problems with the sound? The sound was on for about 5 % of the time :( Apart from that it was of course as always great.

janetgutsche2 2 weeks ago

Such a fun, interesting class for the curious playful yogi's. Fiji has done it again! Namaste and enjoy x

Heather Kinnersley 2 weeks ago

Thanks so much for this, Fiji! I couldn't join the class live but I have just followed it today, a few hours later. I live in London and I have really appreciated your classes during lock down here, I love your style of teaching, the clarity of your instruction and the way you transition so easily between postures. This was a great class, many thanks, so much appreaciated