Stir It Up Livestream with Fiji McAlpine - Aug 31 @9am PST

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This livestream yoga class took place on Monday, Aug 31st. Fiji introduces the class at around 6 minutes, the class begins at 12 minutes and ends at 1hr 12 minutes. She spends the final 8 minutes speaking with students on YouTube.

Description: In this 60-minute class, Fiji will lead you on an invigorating journey, exploring intuitive flow, standing balances, and inversions. Get ready to generate some heat and stir up some energy!

Style: Vinyasa Yoga


dorag 2 weeks ago

I'd be interested to know how many individuals you have working with you behind the scenes. Cheers to them too, for the work that they do!

Fiji McAlpine 2 weeks ago

Sometimes just one! Our talented Videographer Jeff Custo, we were lucky today to have 2 helping run video and mange tech, his name is also Jeff!

Beli 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot, Fiji! I am missing practising with you ‘in real life’, this felt similar :-) Great class, as usual! (Isabel from Spain)

hlane 2 weeks ago

What a wonderful feeling of unity and being grounded. When you breathe, we breathe with you, when you giggle, we giggle too! Thank you, Fiji!

Mandelauga 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much from Germany! You’re the best, Fiji. ❤️

DebLader 2 weeks ago

Thanks so much from Chicago! Been taking your classes for awhile and now I’ve just subscribed!

EmBe 2 weeks ago

Awesome class in a beautiful location on the last day of August. Thank you for preparing this.