Stir It Up Livestream with Fiji McAlpine - Aug 31 @9am PST

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This livestream yoga class took place on Monday, Aug 31st. Fiji introduces the class at around 6 minutes, the class begins at 12 minutes and ends at 1hr 12 minutes. She spends the final 8 minutes speaking with students on YouTube.

Description: In this 60-minute class, Fiji will lead you on an invigorating journey, exploring intuitive flow, standing balances, and inversions. Get ready to generate some heat and stir up some energy!

Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


PeterSkruf 4 months ago

Was I the only one who had problems with the sound? The sound was on for about 5 % of the time :( Apart from that it was of course as always great.

blahdiblah 4 months ago

Such a fun, interesting class for the curious playful yogi's. Fiji has done it again! Namaste and enjoy x

Heather Kinnersley 4 months ago

Thanks so much for this, Fiji! I couldn't join the class live but I have just followed it today, a few hours later. I live in London and I have really appreciated your classes during lock down here, I love your style of teaching, the clarity of your instruction and the way you transition so easily between postures. This was a great class, many thanks, so much appreaciated

Newbie_64 4 months ago

Thank you for a wonderful class and greetings from Belgium!

laurenforrest 4 months ago

This class was exactly what I needed, even though I couldn't have told you beforehand that I needed these exact postures, sequences, and comments (e.g., lifting sit bones when in squat, stretching femurs when in chair pose). I am forever grateful for Fiji's instruction and contributions to DoYogaWithMe. Huge thanks!!

Paulette9 4 months ago

So fun to do live stream with you! Your class was impeccable, as usual! I felt very energized at the end of class. Loved all of the poses and your beautiful words. Thanks so much!!! BTW I was doing your class from my back porch in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Fiji McAlpine 4 months ago

Atu!! I am so happy you were there with me! I hope you are well my friend, I think of your incredible warm smile and vibrant heart often!