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(Note: to go to our 30-Day Yoga Challenge, click here). Anastasia's sweet, gentle approach combined with her attention to detail makes this an important class for those wanting better strength, flexibility and longevity in their back and spine. You will find deeply satisfying stretches in this back health class and you may also find yourself working hard. Have fun and take care of your back!


I had some difficulty with
bdanylik 4 days ago

I had some difficulty with the video stopping and starting. The practice was great.

Video stopping
David Procyshyn 4 days ago

Switching browsers can fix the problem. Also, pause the video at the beginning to allow it to load before playing it through.

JojoMa 1 week ago

My favorite of the 30 day challenge so far....perhaps because it's exactly what my body needed today :)

Thank you Anastasia
Rbreid73 1 week ago

30 day challenge is really enabling me to discover classes I had never done before - this being one of them. It was perfect to focus on the spine which often feels tight and knotty. the pace and range of poses really helped bring so much benefit from the practice. Thank you

Anastasia's Spinal Care for Beginners
Astrid Gervais 1 week ago

A wonderful depth to this beginner class. So nice to discover Anastasia's way of delivering what is in my opinion a top rate beginner class! Thank-you as I catch up on my 30-day challenge.

Thank you so much!
Reneediane 1 week ago

This was perfect, feel so refreshed and relaxed. Anastasia voice is so soothing to listen to and easy to follow.

Feeling very clunky. I've
conleyfwright 2 weeks ago

Feeling very clunky. I've been very athletic all my life, but not very flexible....thus, have not gravitated to Yoga. Now, coming back from injuries, have decided to take the 30 day challenge. And it is a challenge for me.....parts are wonderful and synchronistic, others are wobbly and clunky. I guess this is where I am now. Hopefully by day 30 I will have more grace and more space in my body. Thanks David for bringing together a great group of instructors!

some encouraging words

First, amazing that you are taking on the 30 day challenge being so new. That takes a lot of courage. My unsolicited advice is to be as loving and gentle with yourself as possible. It sounds like your body has been through a lot, and never force something. Be patient, and accept the clunkiness - trust me, even experienced yogis feel that way too sometimes. I am sure with some dedication, you will notice the changes soon :)