Spinal Care for Beginners

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
Average: 4.8 (198 votes)
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Our beginner series ends with a class that will send you off into the yoga world with gusto and all of the tools that you need to practice safely and effectively in whatever class you do. Anastasia works you harder in this full-length class, while also taking you through some nice back and hip releases.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Strength, Yoga for Back Care


oakhazel 2 months ago

Sooo very relaxing. I loved this class. In the beginning I was a bit irritated with the music but as time went on I felt that this particular music helped me relax . A perfect yoga class for me. Thank you Anastasia.

Maputo 5 months ago

Very glad I tried this class. I generally do classes at a higher level but my back has been bothering me, so I decided to do this one. I found certain moves modestly challenging and helpful for a back that has not been happy of late. Worth it.

JAC 7 months ago

That felt great. Just what I needed. Thank you.

jaldrich2 10 months ago

Excellent class. I'm a beginner and a senior. I have completed the 30 day challenge and was very happy to find that I could do all the poses in this class, with some modifications. The pace was perfect for me. Anastasia's cues are clear and informed. Her emphasis is on being gentle but still working hard in the excellent strength and flexibility poses. I felt challenged but never felt rushed and appreciated her calm teaching style. Thank you Anastasia and thank you DYWM for this outstanding resource.

subatomicboy 1 year ago

This was a great class! I was really nervous about doing a spinal class because of my own lower back issues but this class was really good. I liked the fact that adaptations were offered to us and the precision of the teacher too. Thanks :-)

KarenChanBarrett 1 year ago

Absolutely love this workout. I'm doing it to recuperate my back but found that this was such a balanced class of yoga flows and holding stretches. I also love that it worked core, spine, and pretty much everything.

dixiemarie 1 year ago

a beautiful experience of fluidity...music and movement. perfect.

ÀfricaRM 2 years ago

Which means everyone. Slumped shoulders, shortened neck, tight muscles in your lower back or hampstrings... everything has to do with the spine. Anastasia combines a complete series of asanas and movements to create a complete and very nice practice. At the end of the class (and even the day after), you feel that most tension is gone and you have a better posture. Anastasia's clear and sweet voice gudes you with precise instructions and modifications. This is one of those classes I return again and again. Thank you very much!

AshAnanda 2 years ago

my back has really been bothering me lately - so many tight muscles in my shoulder girdle and down the sides of my back. this class has made me feel better more than anything else i've tried - THANK YOU anastasia!