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(Note: to go to our 30-Day Yoga Challenge, click here). Anastasia's sweet, gentle approach combined with her attention to detail makes this an important class for those wanting better strength, flexibility and longevity in their back and spine. You will find deeply satisfying stretches in this back health class and you may also find yourself working hard. Have fun and take care of your back!


So lovely!
secoogan 1 day ago

Anastasia is a wonderful instructor... clear directions, lovely encouragement, a good sense of when to talk and not during the more restful poses. This class in particular is excellent!

Linda Lou 6 days ago

What a wonderful, perfectly balanced class. I will definitely do this one over and over again. Thank you so much!

Thank you!
atblount 1 week ago

This was the very first experience in many years that I tried Yoga - getting older and having health issues pop up has reminded me that I need to love myself and take care of my body. This was amazing!

Beginner vs. Intermediate Chanllenge
BJJ 1 week ago

After working through the intermediate challenge, I decided to do the beginner. I am finding that these videos build length and flexibility as well as helping me to slow down. I am glad I made this decision.

First class I did on the site
Mogi27 2 weeks ago

I was so nervous about starting a class. I have a bulging disc in my lower back and a lot of things hurt it. During one of the poses I actually had to stop and take a break because my legs started tingling. I love that I don't have to look like an idiot in class stopping or asking questions. I've done yoga twice before and both times I liked what yoga stood for, but the instructors were horrible. This class was great, perfect pace, perfect instruction and very calming voice. def a 5/5 experience. My back feels better already!

DebbyBee 1 month ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, my only limitation involved the deep squat as I couldn't get comfortable with my arms inside the legs. Hoping this will come with time as I had my hand behind me on the floor. Thank you so much!

terkalin 1 month ago

I had to get up extra early to fit this one into my morning routine, but the hour flew by. I felt thoroughly stretched and it seemed as if Anastasia were in person beside me guiding me with the details to relax, open and correct my form. I appreciate the 30-day challenge for for simply expanding my practice from the same beloved routines.

tashab 1 month ago

thank you, Anastasia. This was such a yummy practice!