Settling Into Relaxation

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Satiya Channer
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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Satiya's calm voice, smile and clear guidance is perfect for a class that focuses on relaxation. This is a shorter class that anyone can do at any time of the day, whether you're looking for a peaceful pause in the middle of a busy day, a great way to wake up or an effective way to prepare for sleep.


Thank you, Satiya
Meditheum 1 month ago

I was very clear and relaxing. Thank you a lot, Satiya !

Perfect for a Monday!
yodawoman 1 month ago

This was a wonderful way to end a long Monday! Satiya is a wonderful teacher who gives excellent verbal descriptions. THANK YOU!!!

Very lovely-as usual! Thanks
Paulette9 1 month ago

Very lovely-as usual! Thanks so much!

Nice and calming, love your
trish55 2 months ago

Nice and calming, love your voice

soshedid86 3 months ago

This was a nice and calm session to end my day. Thank you!

nice- your voice is so easy
Soucy 4 months ago

nice- your voice is so easy to listen to.

as 03 is a magic number... I
Paix√£o Vi 6 months ago

as 03 is a magic number... I couldn't stop myself from laughing <3

Perfect Instruction
Ravena Rejc 8 months ago

This is my second Satiya video and I love how she gives the instructions more than once in different ways for understanding. I found this a perfect stretch.