Settling Into Relaxation

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Satiya Channer
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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Satiya's calm voice, smile and clear guidance is perfect for a class that focuses on relaxation. This is a shorter class that anyone can do at any time of the day, whether you're looking for a peaceful pause in the middle of a busy day, a great way to wake up or an effective way to prepare for sleep.


soshedid86 1 month ago

This was a nice and calm session to end my day. Thank you!

nice- your voice is so easy
Soucy 2 months ago

nice- your voice is so easy to listen to.

as 03 is a magic number... I
Paix√£o Vi 3 months ago

as 03 is a magic number... I couldn't stop myself from laughing <3

Perfect Instruction
Ravena Rejc 6 months ago

This is my second Satiya video and I love how she gives the instructions more than once in different ways for understanding. I found this a perfect stretch.

Found something new
Mollie8253 6 months ago

I'm new to yoga and I am glad I found this site! Satiya made it look easy, so I know with practice, it will become easy! I found relaxation and her voice is a big help! I look forward to getting my yoga on!!!!

Love love LOVE this! An
green2u 6 months ago

Love love LOVE this! An amazing relaxing stretch and I feel so calm and grounded afterwards. And all in 26 minutes! Easy to follow instructions w/o constantly having to look at the screen. And that voice! Just perfect for yoga!

Very effective practice! I am
kholbein 7 months ago

Very effective practice! I am just getting back to yoga after my 4th baby and this was an excellent practice!

Love the idea of this workout
ginginrn 8 months ago

Love the idea of this workout but could not get through it. It stopped so frequently during the routine I just turned it off.

Re: Video stopping
David Procyshyn 8 months ago

Sorry to hear that! You may want to try switching browsers. That can fix the problem right away. And try pausing the video at the beginning to allow it to load for a bit before playing again.