Rise and Thrive

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (53 votes)
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Fiji brings you another short, invigorating morning practice to start your day with energy and intention. She takes you through a vinyasa yoga flow that will awaken your body and mind with challenging poses, creative transitions, breath work and twists. No props needed here!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Amrit 1 month ago

Love it - perfect; just what I needed
Thank you :)

crepuscule3142 1 month ago

Classic Fiji practice. I loved it, that is all. Fiji is so awesome, I could write a drum n bass song about her.

pvetsen 1 month ago

I agree, Fiji deserves a drum and bass song tribute

maisophie 4 weeks ago

A drum & bass song dedicated to Fiji!! Now this I HAVE to see!

Holly.dela 1 month ago

What a beautiful practice - thank you Fiji! Perfect way for me to start my day on a positive note :)

welldongirl 1 month ago

Always exciting to wake up to a new Fiji class! Not too challenging and feeling energized and positive.

NATS 77 1 month ago

Loved, loved, LOVED this practice! Thank you so much DYWM and Fiji for keeping me company during quarantine and helping me mentally keep focussed and positive through these yoga practices. Rise and Thrive is awesome and exactly what I needed to start this day! 100% 5 star but I’m not sure how to rate the practices with stars?

Carole G 1 month ago

I love everything that Fiji does and this is no exception. thank you.