Relax Your Whole Self

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Instructor Nicky Jones
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Because so many behaviours are determined by the unconscious mind, it is imperative that you get it on board with your healing. In this gentle and nurturing class, Nicky lovingly uses mantra to support the unconscious mind in relaxing. When practiced regularly, you will experience a deeper feeling of inner peace across all aspects of your life - because when you relax yourself, you heal yourself.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy


So nurturing
lologm 2 months ago

I felt so balanced and chill after this class! What a gift, namaste for sharing.

Kitkatkatey 2 months ago

Not only a relaxing class but a valid exercise in presence and acceptance.

Thank you

Very nice. Jut ...
Orchidanica 3 months ago

Very nice. Jut the right amount of movement and relaxation for today.

Great class. I ...
turnersusmc 3 months ago

Great class. I can see where this would be very beneficial during times of grief or stress.

What an amazing ...
hanagalp 3 months ago

What an amazing class, I needed it. It was a huge learning for me. I realized how much I tend to tense. The constant reminding to relax was so good for me. Thank you.