Prenatal Yoga for Core Strength

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
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The intention of this class is to invigorate the core and strengthen it from the pelvic floor and up and from inside out. Safe, prenatal specific postures are taught in this core specific class. If you like this class, you can check out Sarah-Jane's other prenatal yoga classes: Prenatal Yoga for Early Pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga: Releasing the Spine, and Prenatal Yoga: Easing Leg Cramps



Equipment: Bolster, Blankets
Style: Postnatal Yoga, Prenatal Yoga


nhelm 1 month ago

Does anyone know if the right-side only issue has been fixed?

christyweenig 3 months ago

I have been feeling really sick for over 4 months. Finally feeling better and this was perfect for getting back into yoga. Thank you so much Sarah Jane!

lexmarie 10 months ago

This is a nice gentle class that still has some challenging core work, but around the 16 min mark it seemed like the modified side plank/oblique work was only done on the right side. Otherwise, I enjoyed this class.