Prenatal Yoga for Core Strength

Intermediate I
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The intention of this class is to invigorate the core and strengthen it from the pelvic floor and up and from inside out. Safe, prenatal specific postures are taught in this core specific class. If you like this class, you can check out Sarah-Jane's other prenatal yoga classes: Prenatal Yoga for Early Pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga: Releasing the Spine, and Prenatal Yoga: Easing Leg Cramps




  • Blankets
  • Bolster


  • Core Strength
  • Lower Back
  • Spine
  • Strength


  • Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
September 1, 2022

While I like the core work, there was a bit too much that were a little too difficult at 29 weeks (e.g. cross legged forward folds, modified cobra, child's pose). I know how to modify but would have loved some extra tips for later pregnancy, too.

June 21, 2022

Agree with other comments in that it is a very mellow class for core awareness. Would say its a beginner not an intermediate class.

David Procyshyn
September 19, 2019

Yes, sorry everyone. We haven't been able to fix the issue where a short series is done only on the right side. We'll still continue to see if we can and let you know if that happens.

September 5, 2019

I would recommend pausing at 16-17minute mark and doing the left side, as it is skipped. This class was very mellow with a lot of sitting and breathing, I would definitely call it Beginner and not Intermediate.