Prenatal Yoga for Early Pregnancy


Tried this for fibroids
Yoga soul 4 weeks ago

It’s hard to find a practice for fibroids and thought I’d try a pre-natal class. It doesn’t seem to have aggravated them so will try again.

It would be wonderful if someone would put together a class for women dealing with fibroids.

Sarah Jane Steele 3 weeks ago

Hello and thank you for your comment on the class. Currently I also study in the faculty of Medicine studying Midwifery and my little bit of research has shown that yoga may help with the sensations of fibroids but, as I am sure you know, not the elimination of them as the pathology of them is a bit more complex, some folks require removal of them and some find they need to pair yoga, acupuncture etc. with dietary changes. Here is one research article explaining that. However, we may be able to develop a class down the line that would assist with the symptoms of fibroids, endometriosis and the like but, also dialoging with ones midwife, doctor, OB is still reccomended so as to forma tandem approach to the symptoms of fibroids. I'm glad the class was helpful for you. Thank you for your comment: See article here:

Thanks the article. I will
Yoga soul 3 weeks ago

Thanks the article. I will read it. I am waiting for surgery and in the meantime want to continue a safe practice. It would be wonderful to have a class because of all the women who suffer from them.