Pranayama for Anxiety II

Beginner I
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In this video on chronic anxiety, David teaches you to use what you learned in Pranayama for Anxiety I to calm the nervous system using pranayama and meditation. With practice, you can use this simple technique on your own to gradually release the grip that anxiety has on you. To watch the rest of this video series, check out David's free Anxiety: A Learning Series. To go deeper into your relationship with your anxiety, go to David's Let Go of Anxiety and Fear 21-Day Program.


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  • Sleep/Relaxation
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January 1, 2022

Great practice. Somehow I cannot hold the breath and relax at the same time. It seems if I relax, the muscles used to inflate my body to breathe in the air will relax and some air will come out inevitably. When I do the breathe- out part later, only 40% of the air is still inside me. What am I doing wrong?

June 19, 2021

This was a great one! I really struggle with getting all the stale air out of my pelvis area and holding the breath for the length you suggested and then exhaling it really helped it all get out. I did this in child pose so I could have extra pressure on my stomach with my knees to really push the air out. Thanks for this!

June 12, 2021

Love your gentle instructions, voice and sense of humor :-))