The Power of Commitment

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Tracey works elements of commitment into this fun, challenging power yoga class. The flow is creative with a wide variety of poses, including lots of twists, poses that demand core and shoulder strength, foot balances and arm balances. Of course, the flow between and Tracey's encouragement makes the class a delight to do, even though it's hard!

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


What a flow!
Manjusri 3 weeks ago

Was unsure whether I had the strength for a longer flow - but as always Tracey carries us along beautifully. The setting is gorgeous too. I will return to this many times, as Tracey effortlessly takes me places I had no idea I could go! Another gift from DYWM. Thank you.

Amazing class. ...
masseke 1 month ago

Amazing class. Very challenging for me but I found so much space. I look forward to doing this practice again.

Tracey did a ...
LLove 1 month ago

Tracey did a great job preparing the body for the deeper poses. This class gave me a boost of courage and confidence.

excellent class to reground
südwind 1 month ago

excellent class to reground and connect with your roots. thank you tracey.

This just isn't ...
Lemon 1 month ago

This just isn't for me. I couldn't synch my body to the flow of this class. The rhythm seems off for me.

Fabulous flow
SmileMore 1 month ago

This class had perfect flow and a very balanced combination of strength, stretch, balance and rest. 10/10 as all of Tracey's classes are! It was challenging and fun and exactly what I was looking for this Saturday morning when I had more time. Many thanks!

the first long ...
joaniem1 1 month ago

the first long class and I was able to hang in there with her. I did enjoy the class and felt it was quite challenging. Loved it.