The Power of Commitment


Fantastic class
AshAnanda 5 days ago

Tracy does it again! Thank you so much for this invigorating class. Namaste.

nittany13 1 week ago

How can one not be committed to finish this practice? Some nice transitions into the poses. The pace was nice and smooth with a sweet finish! Thank you.

mrswright2015 1 week ago

I don't even mind that this is not edited. As I said in a previous video, I don't mind breaks in the practice because they give me a chance to catch up and/or take a break myself.

I did this class after a week with minimal yoga. This class was a wonderful way to remind me of the power of sticking to my commitment to myself. Thank you Tracey and DYWM team.

Love Tracey's classes but I
ancoracora 1 week ago

Love Tracey's classes but I think you forgot to edit this one

Perhaps the unedited areas
Pamelalee 5 days ago

Perhaps the unedited areas serve a purpose, and that being, stay committed to the practice (and life) and continue on no matter the challenges encountered.

Nailing my challenges down, merci!
Audinette 1 week ago

3 weeks without yoga. Always the intention but too much more work to do, lack of time, lack of impulse in the nights getting colder, fears to have lost it, too stressed to allow me-time. Tracey┬┤s intro just nailed it down. Thank you again for an insightful practice, a resynchronisation of the mind and the body <3

mcala 2 weeks ago

What a great class to come across in the midst of some big life decisions. This class reminded me to appreciate the subtle aspects of the poses. Thank you!

Great class, but unedited?
circelink 2 weeks ago

Always a wonderful class with Tracey. Seems like this one is unedited, which made me feel better in knowing she is human after all! ;)

Agree 100%
sng4ever 2 weeks ago

I agree with you. Loved that it was unedited.

Beautiful as always
Beli 2 weeks ago

I was looking forward to a new long class from Tracey, as they are always a beautiful gift. For me they feel like coming home to something I know but always finding something new that pushes my limits in a gentle way and makes me feel great. Loved it.