The Power of Commitment

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Tracey works elements of commitment into this fun, challenging power yoga class. The flow is creative with a wide variety of poses, including lots of twists, poses that demand core and shoulder strength, foot balances and arm balances. Of course, the flow between and Tracey's encouragement makes the class a delight to do, even though it's hard!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


CheekyBrazilian 1 month ago

Probably my favourite teacher on this platform I am trying so far. She does not patronise your and when she speaks it is almost objective and visualisation geared towards what is happening in your body instead of going on and on into psychological/philosophical yogi talk. Her movement vocabulary is also fluid and intuitive as if she had a dance background or similar.

popiwave 1 month ago

This class was definitely a challenge, but I am sure my balance is getting better and the tension inside my body found a sweet release. Loving the resilience challenge and looking forward to partaking in more of your teaching! Namaste

emribar 1 month ago

Loved "As we age, rather than shrink we can grow!" (If I'm remembering correctly)

Wilddatura 4 months ago

This full body practice is incredible. That lower back stretch at the end could not be more delicious or needed by my sore back. Thank you!!

duroc017 7 months ago

I really love this practice. The first time I did this video I was visiting my cousin who is like my sister in Puerto Vallarta, and we did the practice together one morning before a delicious and bountiful Mexican-style breakfast. I love revisiting this practice because I always find myself coming back to Puerto Vallarta in my mind, and it always calms me and brightens my day. Thank you, Tracey!

SaraSiru 8 months ago

Dear Tracey, this class - like all of your other classes - sets the mind and body at ease. You're a gift for all of us yoga practitioners. THANK YOU!

Alison Hamilton 11 months ago

Amazing class, Tracey. Exactly what I needed to remind myself that I can be focussed and committed in all areas of my life. Thank you.

donna marie 1 year ago

Thanks Tracey. I haven't practiced in a couple of weeks and started feeling like I wouldn't make it through. Remarkably, just at that point you reiterated the importance of commitment! Haha, I made it.