Offer it Up

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Explore your balance, hip openers, and twists in this fun, uptempo flow with Tracey. A delicious whole-body experience!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Thank you for practicing on Mother's Day with me. Stay healthy, stay happy and stay bright. :)

EigenAnne 1 year ago

DoYogaWithMe is a lifesaver during these times of quarantine. I feel so privileged to have access to these classes. Thank you, Tracey and David, for sharing your gifts with the world at large. Namaste.

You're very welcome ~ and thank you for practicing and keeping yourself healthy during these rather unsettling times we are in.

Maputo 1 year ago

Tracey, Thank you so much for another challenging, fulfilling class. I love series and flows that repeat, vary and build off the prior ones. I appreciate the hour long classes, especially in the midst of the pandemic when I feel that I so need all of it -- to build stamina and strength, to stretch, and always, always, to breath. Because right now, we definitely need to "offer it up."

rebswifty 1 year ago

I love this practice! I've done it several times and each time it is truly amazing! Thank you!

aplanedin 1 year ago

Tracey, it was so great to attend your class all the way in Edinburgh, UK. This was a delicious progression and, as usual, I loved the balance you brought between lightness and grounding.

deborahcb 1 year ago

Tracey, I just love your creative, thoughtful classes. Thank you for this. It was the ending I needed to a hard work week that challenged me emotionally.

mromero 1 year ago

What a spectacular finish to the 30 day yoga challenge! Thank you Tracy and Do Yoga With Me family! I am stepping into the new year feeling strong, peaceful and grateful! You have guided my practice to a new level of yoginess! Love!