Morning Wake-Up and Flow!

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Class Description: 
Rise and shine with this wonderfully vigorous vinyasa yoga class, full of poses and transitions that will help build strength in your legs, arms and core, as well as improve flexibility and range of motion. In her fun way, Fiji brings a vitality and power to this class that will stay with you for the rest of your day. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.


Perfect morning practice to start the day!!
lovedrumtalk 2 days ago

Especially for days when you feel there's absolutely no time for yoga practice that is well rounded. Not anymore! I could work this in daily somehow!!

A revitalising practice after
moonandgrace 2 weeks ago

A revitalising practice after a bad night's sleep. Come at me, day!

Wonderful wakeup practice
Lbenn81025 1 month ago

Thank you! What a great start to my day!

Fiji, thank you very much for
Lealy 1 month ago

Fiji, thank you very much for this practice! I like it a lot!!! Espcially the parts when we have to push down our feed and hands simultaeously and get in this way to the standing pose. You are fantastic!!! A role model for me!

Wagsgirl 1 month ago

Did this practice on my paddleboard very nice, and quite challenging on the water.

Perfect for a quick yoga fix!
cirvine06 1 month ago

Perfect for a quick yoga fix!

I'm still fairly new to yoga
cococherie 1 month ago

I'm still fairly new to yoga but wanted to do something vigorous. This class is great and I've done it a couple of times now in the morning when I want to get moving! Fiji is such a great instructor and has very clear instructions for people of all levels!

Always love Fiji's classes
jennydyring 1 month ago

Again , Fiji doesn't disappoint. She gets you up and goimg with a nifty full body workout in short time. Thankyou.

20 minutes of power!
Dakota Drummer 1 month ago

It's the day after the Superbowl. This is a great way to start my week! I do like the music and the setting. As always, Fiji's guidance is fantastic and empowering.

Fiji Mc"get it Done" Alpine!
dtripp 1 month ago

Fiji Mc"get it Done" Alpine! That's was a bomb 20 min session!
Thank you thank you thank you!