Monthly Update - May 2021

May marks the return of our popular livestream classes with a special Mother's Day offering from Fiji McAlpine. For those of you who are ready to embrace the expansive energy of Spring, we have a new 30-day intermediate challenge for you to channel that vitality!

May Monthly Poll

Thanks to all of those who have filled out previous surveys. We read all of your answers and adjust our plans based on them.

The survey for May, 2021 is only one question:

Our teachers added music playlists to the classes in our New Year's 2021 Challenges. Would you like us to create more yoga classes with music playlists?

New Yoga Challenge


Daily Dose Challenge

This 30-day intermediate yoga challenge makes getting a daily dose of yoga accessible by offering a variety of short but invigorating classes. We all know that a little yoga can go a long way, and when we bring yoga into our day everything is improved because of it. This is also a great way to build in a new routine that will allow your practice to be a consistent part of daily life.

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Upcoming Livestreams


This Mother’s Day we would like to honour and acknowledge the incredible Mothers in our DoYogaWithme Community. This past year has taken parenting to a whole new level that required more effort, patience, and resilience. We want to fill your cup and nourish you on this special day; it is an opportunity for the nurturer to be nurtured!
We are offering 2 classes to meet your needs and wants on this special day. Do one or both!

Day: Sunday, May 9th, 2021 @ 9:30am and 10:15am PST

Instructor: Fiji McAlpine

Difficulty: Intermediate I and Intermediate II

Equipment: None

Style: Vinyasa Flow

To Join, simply go to our Website or YouTube Channel at the above time. See you there!

DoYogaWithMe Website YouTube

If you missed any of our previous livestreams, or simply just want to do them again, you can find the full classes under Practice > Classes on our homepage.

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Upcoming Content

  • Classes from Rachel, Josh, Tracey, Crista, Julia and Nyk

  • New Anxiety Series with David, launching on June 7th, 2021

Ytt Announcements


David and Rachel sat down to answer your questions about the DoYogaWithMe Online YTT program on April 9th.

You can watch the recording of the Zoom session via the link below and find out more about the program and whether it is the right choice for you.

Watch Recording of Info Session

250-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Program

Join yogis from around the world in our immersive online classroom and study yoga anatomy, cueing, class sequencing, philosophy and more!

For more information about the Yoga Teacher Training, check out our "All You Need To Know" article or our 60-minute YTT Info Webinar.

All You Need To Know YTT Info Webinar

Payment Plans are also available for all packages.

Click here and scroll down to YTT Pricing for more information.

New Level 2 Courses:

The First Course is Free!

Our Level 1 Orientation introduces you to how our 250-hour YTT works.

It's free for everyone so you can begin anytime.

Level 1 Orientation - Start Now

Upcoming Level 1 & 2 Cohorts ($600 USD each):

To join Level 1 Certification - May 10/21 Cohort, click here.

To join Level 2 Certification - May 10/21 Cohort, click here.

If you would like to join both Level 1 and 2 as a package, click here to view our options.

Past Cohorts ($600 USD each):

Level 1 Certification - Jan 11/21 Cohort

Level 2 Certification - Jan 11/21 Cohort


If you are not currently enrolled in the DoYogaWithMe Online Teacher Training, or are on the fence about whether the program is a good fit for you, check out what some of our alumni are saying about the program!

From Our Students

New Retreat Announcements

Sep 2 - Sep 7, 2021
Jan 9 - Jan 16, 2022
Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2022
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Note: This retreat is sold out! Add yourself to the waiting list through our Contact Us page.
Mar 12 - Mar 19, 2022
Note: This retreat is sold out! Add yourself to the waiting list through our Contact Us page.
Mar 26 - Apr 6, 2022

New Classes Available To All


DoYogaWithMe is thrilled to welcome Sarada Jagannath to our teaching roster.

About Sarada: "Yoga came into my life when I was young. I was born and brought up in India and yoga is a way of life in my family. My grandfather was my first Guru (teacher). He taught us how to do joints movements, asana, breathing techniques and meditation. As we lived in a joint family, we all met in the morning and practiced yoga together. Yoga practice was like a ritual in the house every day, each morning without a holiday. I was young when I started to practice and did so mostly in a playful way. Initially I loved the asana part but was not a fan of breathing and meditation. Since I respected my grandfather and saw my parents, uncles and cousins practicing every morning, I used to do the same.

As I grew older my reason to go to the practice became effortless. Early in my teens I realized the power of the breath and grew to appreciate the philosophy behind this holistic wisdOM.

I completed my teachers training from SVYASA and Sivananda Yoga. My intention as a teacher is to share with the community my experiences of the union and the meeting point of body, mind and breath.

Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize,

Be Good, Do Good, Be Kind, Be Compassionate,

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate,

Be Good, Do Good, Be Kind is the Highest Sadhana

Be Good, Do Good, Be Kind is the Highest Yoga

I teach Classical Hatha Yoga and Sivananda Yoga. In my classes I try to bring in the wholesomeness of the eight fold yoga practice for everybody and everybody.

In my personal life, yoga always helps me to understand that the only thing that is permanent is the impermanence. So live in the present!"

Pranayama: Adding Rhythmatic Life Force with Control

Pranayama Yoga | 30 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Sarada Jagannath

Join Sarada in this pranayama practice to learn four different types of ancient breathings techniques from hatha yoga and make it your way of life.

Morning Meditation and Stretch

Gentle Yoga | 23 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Melissa Krieger

Start your day off right with this relaxed morning stretch and meditation with Melissa. It's a short, full body beginner class that will get you moving, centered and ready to take on the day!

Crazy Eights

Vinyasa Yoga | 57 min | Intermediate III
Instructor: Josh Chen

This vinyasa flow class with Josh focuses on hip strengthening and core strength. Prepare to move through a playful and strong power sequence that builds to astavakrasana (also known as eight angle pose), a challenging arm balance. Note: You will need two blocks for this practice.

Tapas and Transformation

Vinyasa Yoga | 36 min | Intermediate III
Instructor: Fiji McAlpine

This vigorous flow with Fiji stokes the inner fire with core work and challenging asanas. The inner fire helps us shed that which holds us back and gives us courage to step into something new.

Jivamukti Compass

Jivamukti | 47 min | Intermediate III
Instructor: Jonni-Lyn Friel

Join Jonni-Lyn in this steady and strong flow as she guides you through a few hip openers; camel pose (ustrasana), reclined hero pose (supta virasana) and headstand. Once your hips are happy and open, you will spend a bit of time exploring compass pose (parivrtta surya yantrasana).

New Subscriber-only Classes

Yoga for Kids 6 to 12: Wake Up Yoga

Yoga for Kids | 33 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Alyssa-Jean Klazek

Wake Up Yoga with Alyssa Jean is a sequence to shake the cobwebs from sleeping and create a renewed positive energy for everyone in the family. Beginning from a sleepy child’s pose, we make our way up to standing postures and sun salutations, ending with some restorative postures to leave the body feeling balanced and ready for the day.

Yoga for Sleepy Heads

Yin and Yin/Yang Yoga | 54 min | Beginner II
Instructor: Nyk Danu

Not a morning person? Check out this yin to yang practice where Nyk flips the order of a traditional yoga class. She begins the class lying down, then moves you through seated poses into kneeling pose, and finishes the class in a standing posture ready to begin the day.

Yoga for Hamstring Rehabilitation

Hatha Yoga | 33 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Rachel Scott

Got a hamstring injury? Yoga is known as a flexibility practice, but what happens when you overstretch your hamstrings? Specifically designed for students who are working with a pulled hamstring or hamstring tendinopathy (often called, yoga butt), this class with Rachel will functionally strengthen your hamstrings and support your pathway to recovery. It is also an excellent class for students looking to cultivate lower body strength in general.

Let it Fall Away

Power Yoga | 57 min | Intermediate II
Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy

Unwind, turn inward and together we will discover a little more about ourselves. In this power yoga practice with Tracey, we move through hip openers, honor the relationship between our hips and hamstrings, and playfully unlock the habitual layers of movement.

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