Monthly Update - May 2020

Monthly Update - May 2020
We hope May finds you well! Our offer of 2-Months free site access has been redeemed by over 13,000 folks who are under quarantine, self isolation and shelter in-place orders. If you haven't taken advantage of this offer yet, you can do so here. We've also made the following meditation albums free to download until May 8th. Please use these guided meditations to help you through the feelings of overwhelm or isolation that we all have been experiencing. You are not alone, and we hope these meditation tracks will help you remember that when you need a hand! 

How to Download Guided Meditation Albums:
Simply click on "Download" at the top of the audio player.

We Want Your Input!

Are you Jubilant for Jivamukti?  Hungry for more Hatha? Or maybe you're a Fiji Fanatic... In any case, we want to know what (or who) gets you on the mat! Help us shape the future of DYWM and let us know what inspires you by taking the quick poll below.



Upcoming Content

We have added a new page under Basics, called Topics, that will feature our Eco-Friendly Yogi and Living Yoga series.

  • New Classes from Fiji, Jonni, Nyk, Tianne and Guy

  • New Yoga Explained Tutorials from Rachel can be found in Tutorials, under Basics

  • 6 New Free Guided Meditation Tracks (Download Instructions Above)

  • YTT Level 2 Courses - May 2020

  • Launch of the DYWM App! - May 2020


Updated Class Filters

Updated Class Filter Options

We're excited to announce that we have updated our class filters!

Our newest addition being our 'Focus' filter, where you can now sort classes by theme. These new filter additions will allow users to search much more precisely. Just click on the drop-down, make your selection and hit "Apply".


Keyboard Shortcuts from Video Player

These Keyboard Shortcuts will definitely help save some time when viewing your favorite class!

  • Spacebar: Toggle Pause/Play
  • F Key: Enter Full-Screen Mode
  • Esc Key: Exit Full-Screen Mode
  • Up Arrow: Increase Volume
  • Down Arrow: Decrease Volume
  • Right Arrow: Forward 10 seconds
  • Left Arrow: Backward 10 seconds




Upcoming Retreats at Mar de Jade:

* $600USD Early Bird Price available until Sept 30, 2020 - After which it will be $700. *

Embrace The Edge 20221 Yoga Retreat w/ Fiji McAlpineJan 30 - Feb 6, 2021
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Grounded and Grateful 2021 Yoga Retreat w/ Melissa KriegerFeb 13 - Feb 20, 2021
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Heart & Soul 2021 Yoga Retreat w/ Tracey NoseworthyMar 6 - Mar 13, 2021
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Upcoming Retreats at Hollyhock:
Gift of Gratitude Yoga Retreat | Fiji McAlpine @ The Hollyhock Retreat Center
Oct 9 - Oct 14, 2020
Cortes Island, BC, Canada
Upcoming Retreats at Elohee:
DoYogaWithMe Yoga Teacher Training Level 3 Retreat w/ Rachel ScottOct 25 - Nov 1, 2020
Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia, United States


Yoga for Kids and Families:
Yoga for Kids 2 to 5: Stretch like an Animal
Yoga for Kids | 28 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Jonni-Lyn Friel
In this  class for kids ages 2-5, Jonni-Lyn leads you through a series of fun poses, using mantra (chanting), breath exercises and brings in a variety of imaginary animals to help out! 
Yoga for Kids 2 to 5: Jungle Walk
Yoga for Kids | 22 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Jonni-Lyn Friel

Who's ready for an adventure through the jungle? Accompany Jonni-Lyn as she strolls through a wild and wonderful jungle! Who might we meet on this expedition?Bring your favorite stuffed animal as a breathing buddy, find room to move on the floor and don't forget your imagination. This class is fun for the whole family!


All Yoga Classes:
Gentle Yoga | 33 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Melissa Kreiger
In this gentle practice, Melissa integrates the breath in balancing postures on your feet and on all-fours.

Restorative Yoga | 43 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Tianne Allan
Tianne leads this gentle, restorative practice that is sure to relieve tension across all areas of your back. To support deeper relaxation, Tianne integrates guided breathing practices.
Guided Meditation | 17 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Guy Friswell
Guy leads this guided meditation centered on loving-kindness.  Introducing the concept of “metta” phrases help you establish a sense of inner peace. This is a fantastic practice to start or end your day.
Yin Yoga | 38 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Nyk Danu

In this loving yin class, Nyk opens both your physical and metaphysical hearts. Open up your capacity for compassion and joy!

Vinyasa Yoga | 32 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Rachel Scott
Find stability and space in your hips. Rachel dives into the externally rotated hip postures like warrior 2, side-angle pose, and the challenging half moon pose. 
Fundamentals of Practice Day 3
Vinyasa Yoga | 30 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Rachel Scott
This class offers twists such as revolved chair pose, revolved lunge as well as revolved triangle pose. Twists open up the body and are crucial for preparing oneself for the more advanced postures. 


Yoga for Kids and Families:
David Procyshyn
Yoga for Kids | 20 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
In this class for kids (families too!), David moves through a fun, yet challenging series of movements that helps you build flexibility and strngeth. He inspires the imagination while calming the nervous system! This class is a great way for families to excercise and have fun all together!

David Procyshyn

Yoga for Kids | 30 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
This playful kids' yoga class includes guided meditation, lots of stretching as well as some balancing. David's energetic and engaging style encourages the imagination, while teaching kids how to relax, let go of anxious thoughts and focus on the positive.
All Yoga Classes:

David Procyshyn

PNF Stretching | 11 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
This PNF technique focuses on stretching the quadriceos utilizing the wall. The support of the wall permits you to progress into the stretch slowly and carefully.

David Procyshyn

PNF Stretch: Groin
PNF Stretching | 7 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
In this short class, David shows you how you to use the PNF technique to increase mobility within the groin. A mobile groin enables increased range of motion in the hip joints and eases tension in both the legs and lower back.
Guided Meditation | 13 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Guy Friswell
Guy relaxes and releases tension in this guided meditation. Identify "holding patterns" throughout your body and work through them to release vital energy back into the body. 
Yoga Therapy | 28 min | Beginner II
Instructor: Nyk Danu
In this yoga therapy sequence, Nyk presents a variety of postures to help strengthen key muscles in the back. 
Vinyasa Yoga | 20 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Jonni-Lyn Friel
In need of a quick recharge today? This 20-min practice will give you a full body workout. If you're short on time but need to move, this practice is the one for you.
Intermediate Yin: A Quiet Practice
Yin Yoga | 75 min | Intermediate II
Instructor: Nyk Danu
This long format intermediate yin practice is well-rounded, with plenty of quiet space. Let Nyk drop you deeply into stillness & resftul silence. 
The Elements Day 5
Vinyasa Yoga | 42 min | Intermediate III
                Instructor: Crista Shillington
Crista introduces the king of the birds, Garuda, and the mudra dedicated to him in this vinyasa practice. This air-themed class develops your intuition while challenging the body.



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